2007-05-10 / Letters to the Editor

State reps continue LNG tanker opposition

Dear Captain Nash,

We wish to state our strong opposition to a finding of waterway suitability for the proposed Weaver's Cove liquefied natural gas facility. An affirmative finding would not be reasonable. The vessels are so large that they have to be shoehorned through channels and under bridges. Use of smaller LNG vessels would increase the number of times disruptive "protection zones" would have to be imposed. While the waterway might be marginally suitable if there were no other users and if there were alternatives to the bridges which go over it; the reality is that there are other such users and there are no alternatives to the bridges.

There is a predominant body of opinion that in this era and for the foreseeable future, large margins of safety are called for, and providing such margins is very difficult in tight, congested multiuse waterways in populous areas. Contemplated restrictions on the timing of tanker transits underscore this point.

Because something may be theoretically feasible does not mean that it is actually suitable. All things considered, the waterway that would be used to support the proposed liquefied natural gas facility, is not, as a practical matter suitable for LNG vessels.

Impacted communities along the waterway have addressed this matter eloquently.

M. Teresa Paiva Weed Senate Majority Leader

Bruce J. Long

House Deputy Majority

Whip Editor's note: This letter was copied to the Jamestown Press

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