2007-05-10 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for a great birthday surprise

Recently I celebrated a "milestone," birthday and Heidi at the Secret Garden helped to make the day special by going above and beyond the call of duty.

My daughter, Syra, granddaughters Aysia and Shania, and Syra's friend Becky decided to surprise me by driving down from Maine and spending the day with me. They stopped at the Secret Garden to buy flowers and balloons. When they went to leave, Syra's car would not start. Wanting to surprise me at work, Syra asked Heidi if she could leave the car at the Secret Garden while they walked to Bridges. Heidi offered to give them a ride in one of the delivery vans instead.

When they arrived, I was called downstairs. Heidi said she had a delivery for me in the van and I had to come outside to see it. Heidi slid back the van door and there were the girls squished in the back, hiding. They said "surprise!" I screamed. I cried. I bumped my head on the van door trying to reach them. It was great!

I want to thank Heidi for being so generous in giving them a ride and helping to make the surprise complete.

I also want to thank Brian Bryer at Central Garage for going over my daughter's car at a moments notice. I've been blessed in knowing some very kind people on this island.

Lauretta Gladding


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