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Pets are well-pampered by Terry

By Michaela Kennedy

Terry Page and furry friends. Terry Page and furry friends. Terry Page takes care of animals every day, and loves it. Her company, Page's Pampered Pets, has become a recognized name for pet care on the island since she opened for business almost seven years ago.

"I take care of everything, from iguanas to cats," she says, as she playfully brushed a furry canine face from her cheek. Page is a pet nanny. She makes house calls, administers pet meds, if required, and coordinates doggie play groups. "I used to walk a chicken," she adds.

Page gathers up neighborhood participants for daily outings to the Newport dog park, just over the Newport Bridge. Other dogs who visit the park know Page's van, and charge the park's entrance to greet the Jamestown canine clan. "They get so excited when we arrive," Page said. She pulls pictures of doggie playgroups out of her wallet, tucked safely beside photos of her sons.

Page was born and raised on a 500-acre dairy farm, so she is used to a hectic schedule. "This job is almost like the dairy farm," Page remarks. Her pet-sitting service keeps her moving seven days a week. "My vacation is going to someone's house and taking care of their pets while they go on a trip," she says.

Page shares her enthusiasm, reflected by the wagging tails surrounding her. "It's fun to take care of exotic pets," she notes, recalling one lady who had a menagerie of birds. "I get to meet a lot of nice people on the island," she says.

She first arrived from the Midwest as a nanny for Eric and Deborah Archer 17 years ago. She met her future husband and had three boys. "I'm glad I came to Jamestown," she says.

The business has its ups and downs, between pets that pass away, and homes that take on new furry family members. Lately Page has felt the crunch at the gas pump. People are choosing to stay closer to home, due to rising fuel costs. "I'm one of the first (services) to go," she comments.

She has tightened her belt with some down-sizing strategies, such as giving up the big green van with the company name on the side. Page admits the advertising was good, but the monthly expense was high as compared to using her own van. "Some people ask me if I'm still in business, because they don't see the van anymore," she says.

Page confirms that she is "most definitely" in business. She admits that at times, on a cold winter day or in a heavy rain storm, the job does not seem so appealing. Some days can seem just plain poopy. "One day I put my sweatshirt on, pulled over the hood and was covered with dog doo," she recalls. "But also, you'll be driving down the road and a little face will peek over your shoulder," she describes with a smile one of the best perks of the work.

For more information about Page's Pampered Pets and its services, contact Terry Page at 265- 3315, or e-mail pagespets@aol. com.

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