2007-05-17 / News

Fort Getty planners consider improvements

By Michaela Kennedy

The Fort Getty Master Plan Committee met last Tuesday morning, May 8, for an on-site inspection of parking areas and beach access. Additional tent camping areas were also considered in case the need to handle an over-flow of reservations arose during busy weekends in the summer.

The committee met at the Ft. Getty gatehouse and walked south to the property line. The board members discussed possible buffers and paths to the water from the grassy, lightly-wooded area. Committee member Patrick Bolger suggested a buffer zone along the edge abutting private property.

Not far from the gatehouse was a large pile of discarded wood. Committee members made note to find proper disposal for it.

Committee Chairwoman Mary Meagher asked recreation clerk Cyndee Reppe to research the availability of portable restrooms, and considerations for water, to an additional section of the park to accommodate tenters. "If we have more tent camping area, we may have more Jamestowners use it," Meagher said. Reppe agreed to talk with the town engineer about a water pipeline.

The committee climbed to the top of the cement bunker by Ft. Getty Beach for a view of the parking areas. Board members remembered that the spot is popular with windsurfers. They talked about configurations that would define parking spaces and still offer plenty of rigging room for the sailors.

Ft. Getty Road was still covered with beach sand after the storm the previous week. Committee members talked of restoring the sand to the beach. They suggested comparing gravel to shells for use as a pervious parking lot cover.

The committee presented the town park's master plan and land use plan to the Coastal Resources and Management Council the following day, May 9. The meeting was a preliminary review of the 150-page document. Dave Reese, engineer, and Amy Silva, biologist, represented CRMC and offered advice on procedures to expect through the review process.

According to Town Planner Lisa Bryer, CRMC gave positive feedback on the plan. Bryer noted that no time limit is set on the development project.

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