2007-05-24 / Letters to the Editor

To all island birdwatchers

Thanks for your participation in the 23rd Annual Spring Bird Count on Saturday, May 12. Our final total this year was 104 species (I miscounted when I sent the article to the Jamestown Press reporting 105). The tally was 99 at noon, but in the afternoon, a few more species were added: Dick Boenning spotted a little blue heron, Sarah Young and Wayne Munns each saw a purple finch in town (one male and one female), Candy saw a gadwall at Marsh Meadows, and Gail had a American woodcock and a white-crowned sparrow at Hodgkiss Farm. A total of 13 species of warblers were seen - fewer than some previous years. One new species was observed - least flycatcher heard clearly at the north end of the island.

Field observers were Evelyn Rhodes, Ed Long, Wayne Munns, B. J. Whitehouse, Chris Ariel, Bruce Foresman, Dick Graefe, Patrick Driscoll, Jim Meyers, Karen Benson, Brad Whitman, Sarah Young, Steve Moreau, and Chris and Candy Powell. Reporting in from home was Gail Chase.

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you for the Christmas count. Please report interesting sightings to me, 423-1492, or Evelyn Rhodes, 423-1254.

Candy Powell

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