2007-05-24 / News

JYC Spring racing results

Race number 2 of the Jamestown Yacht Club Spring Series was held on May 15. The following are the results for the race:

A Class: 1. Downhill Express, Swan 42, T. and C. Hirsch; 2. Slipstream, Beneteau 36.7, J. Collins; 3. Floating Point, Frers 40, P. Clayton.

B Class: 1. Fast Lane, J/24, A. and H. Lane; 2. Blues Eracer, J/22, L. Mariorenzi; 3. Aurora, Tartan 41, A. Kallfelz; 4. Time Bandit, MM 30, R. Fadden; 5. All In, J/24, P. Schmidle; 6. Ghost, Express 27, M. DeAngeli; 7. Rhapsody, J.30, B. Kneller.

C Class: 1. Madrigal, J/130, W. Kimball; 2. Hydra, Cal 33, J. Riedel; 3. Second Wind, Seid 30T, S. Parfit; 4. Chairman A, Pearson El., R. Bestoso.

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