2007-05-31 / Letters to the Editor

To friends of Anita Marie

I would like to say thank you to some very special people who dedicated many hours to help search for Anita Marie. Anita Marie, a chocolate Labrador retriever, was lost on March 18, and was caught on Thursday, May 24. Those people are Karen, Sherrie, Norm, Mike and Tyler Messinger, Mary Tarbox, my husband Billy, Joe Medeiros, the Rhode Island K9 Response Team, Henry and Marilyn Dutton, Cheryl Henselder, the Jamestown bus drivers for keeping an eye out for Anita and for putting up "lost" signs in their buses, Liz at the North Kingstown dog pound and the Potter League for letting us borrow their humane dog traps. Thanks, also, to the Jamestown Police Dept. and the Jamestown dog officer, the land owners who let us place the traps on their land and a very big thank you again to Henry for the safe return of Anita Marie. Anita is home with her owners, Justin and Candace McAloon and their other dog, Abby.

LuAnn Botelho and Abby


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