2007-06-07 / News

Cub Scouts camp overnite at Getty

More than 30 Cub Scouts and their parents attended Pack 1's annual Spring Camp-out at Ft. Getty on May 12.

The day began with the scouts participating in the anniversary ceremonies at the Conanicut Battery, led by Cub Master Bill Pratt. Following lunch they returned to Ft. Getty to pitch camp for the evening. In the afternoon the scouts were divided into three "tribes" and then rotated through three educational/ fun stations; an obstacle course set-up by Diane Archibald and some volunteer Boy Scouts, a first aid course given by Scott Rafferty and an orienteering session run by Jim Archibald.

Dinner was an al fresco feast prepared by chef Greg DiGasper and consisted of community soup, a smorgasbord of side dishes and hand-grilled delicacies. A long nature walk along the coast, lead by Tim Dywer, put everyone in the mood for a nice fire.

Fire master Scott Rafferty came through again with a magnificent blaze, which kept everyone warm and hypnotized all night. The ghost stories were chilling and somewhat mysterious in nature at times. A light rain fell during the night but only after everyone was snug in their sleeping bags and then a bright morning sun dried the tents before camp was broken.

Breakfast consisted of a Cub Scout favorite, "baggy eggs," a recipe taught to the Pack by Diane Archibald several years ago and cherished by all. Greg's crew of sous chefs, Lisa Lawless and Bill Geib expertly prepared the eggs to each individual's specific taste.

After breakfast camp was taken down, the area policed, and everyone went home to celebrate Mother's Day.

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