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The Walrus Says

Says By Jim Munro

Today is Flag Day, proudly fly the colors. ***

Kudos from the Rocket Dawgz to the fans of the July 4 fireworks who donated last week to the upcoming shoot. They are: Fred and Dorothy Clarke of Longfellow Road; Delia Klingbeil of Clinton Avenue; Robert Fuller, Howland Avenue; Don and Gloria O'Laughlin of Felucca Avenue who wrote, "How could we forget: The first fireworks were in front of our house on Beavertail. You all have done a splendid job. Thanks." Frank and Gail Delmonico, Seaside Drive; George and Virginia Berglund of North Main Road who commented, "Many thanks for your hard work each year in providing Jamestown with such great fireworks displays. We've really enjoyed them."

Also, Tot and Mary Wright, Highland Avenue, who added a "Ka-boom!;" Joseph and Mary Berthelot of Beacon Avenue said "Thank you;" Ira and Fae Murphy of East Shore Road, "Here's to another extravaganza of spectacular fireworks!" Jeanne Bunkley, Columbia Avenue; Patty Vandal of Hamilton Avenue who asked us to "Blow one up for Mo!;" Sarah and Steve Young, Cole Street, "Here's to a great 4th and display;" Mc- Quade's Market and BankNewport.

We're less than three weeks away and have only about half of what we need. HELP!!

Let us blow up your donation! Send it to the Fireworks Fund, Box 1776, Jamestown, or drop it off at the Jamestown Press office.



With Father's Day on Sunday, we spoke to one of the island's newest fathers.

On May 18 at Newport Hospital, Jake Metcalf McNeil was born weighing in at 6 pounds, 14 ounces. He is the son of Sharon and Vernon McNeil of East Shore Road

Married for 18 years, this is the couple's first child. They have lived on the island for 10 years.

Asked how he feels about being a father, Vernon, 40, said, "It's a great experience, very rewarding, we look forward to raising him." Adding that everything is going well, he said that Jake tends to get up every few hours. "He'll bring a lot of joy to our lives. I'm happy he's with us."

What's he going to do on his first Father's Day? "I'm sure Sharon has something planned."


To help financially support longtime Narragansett Cafe doorman Phil Hunt, the Cafe is sponsoring "A Taste of Jamestown" Sunday, June 24, from 3 to 7 p.m. Phil has been diagnosed with cancer.

Chair Pam Baserman is calling on islanders to be "fun" raisers, buy tickets and attend, and asking restaurants to bring a signature dish and someone to serve it. Businesses can help with raffle prizes, papergoods, ticket printing and cash to cover costs. Volunteer musicians are also being sought.

Raffle prizes and donations can be dropped off at the Narragansett Cafe or call for a pick up.

Tickets are $30 and are available at the Cafe or by calling Pam at 741-0626.


Smile awhile I kiss you sad adieu.....................


More than 100 teachers, family members, retirees and support staff turned out last Thursday at the North Beach Club in Narragansett to honor Jamestown School recent retirees Susan Haskell, Pat Cook and Debbie Murphy.

The retirement party was catered by Ann Deffley and Karen Rafanelli and coordinated by a group of present and retired teachers.

Attendees included former Superintendents of School Phyllis Schmidt and Kathy Sipala.

The three guests of honor were presented with blankets made from the wool of Watson Farm sheep.


Rhode Island roads must be the worst in the nation. It's like driving on a washboard with hidden holes. Where did all those millions of tax dollars go?


We note the passing of Cliffy Clavin at 16 1/2 years of age on Memorial Day following a stroke.

Cliffy, a golden Pyrenees mix, was the companion of Cathryn Jamieson and spent many days with her and the clients at Cathryn's salon on Narragansett Avenue. She said that on the day Cliffy died he had had a "perfect day" with a total grooming and chicken piccata for lunch. He then took his final walk in the corral behind his house.

He is missed.


Press columnist Roger Marshall modeled personal floatation devices in last Sunday's ProJo.


The Jamestown Fire Department's training division is looking for donations of old doors and windows that can be used for forcible entry training at the department's training facility.

Department members will pick up the doors and windows.

Call 423-0062, ext. 105, and leave a message for Lt. Alan Weaver.


Bad weather can scare your pet, but you can help Fluffy through it says Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic in his Pet Tip of the Week.

"Does your dog shake, cry, or hide every time it rains or thunderstorms? Storm phobias are common behavior issues in dogs and can vary from a hiding in the basement to very destructive behavior like clawing through doors to get away from the storm. If Fluffy has a storm phobia you should talk to your veterinarian about possible desensitization to the storms as well as anti-anxiety medications. Desensitization involves slowly acclimating the dog to storms or thunder while simultaneously rewarding them for good, calm behavior with treats, praise, and play.

"Whenever storms are near make sure to provide your dog with a safe, quiet hiding place that he can access as needed. You can also play music to mask some of the noises of the storm and try to distract your dog with playtime, treats, and food but never punish a dog for its phobias. Recognizing your dog's phobia and seeking early behavior modification are the keys to helping your pet through this problem."


The Potter League for Animals raised over $60,000 at its recent Heart & Sole Walk for the Animals. The league has many dogs and cats available for adoption. Stop by their quarters at 87 Oliphant Lane in Middletown.


Why do islanders need signs to direct them to the Jamestown Bridge?


Remember we told you about the big "50" painted on the garage door on North Road?

Well, Laura Hosley called and said it was for Eleanor Hanson who lives behind the garage and who was celebrating her 50th birthday on June 1.

She had two surprise parties on that day, a luncheon party at Rosie Smith's house and a family dinner at the Bay Voyage.

Eleanor is chairwoman of the Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force.

Happy birthday!!


Our thanks to the URI tick busters for sending along the T-shirt. It's an honor to be a member of the Tick Control Patrol.


Troop 1 postponed its trip to West Point last weekend due to a number of conflicting activities.

Scoutmaster Dave Volpe says that the Scouts will shoot for September 29, which is Scout Day at the military academy when it hosts troops from across the region.

On that day they can review the Cadet Parade, receive guided tours of the facility, and attend the Army vs. Temple football game. There will also be a tailgate event put on by the Hudson Valley Council of the BSA.


Should it come to pass aside from saving the money, there is another advantage to laying off 1,000 state workers. Some things might actually get done with all that bureacracy out of the way.

Probably not.

*** Be true!!


Call in your stuff for this column to 423-0383 or 829-2760. You can e-mail us at jtnwalrus@ hotmail.com, or drop your items off at the Jamestown Press office.

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