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Kettlebottom Outdoor Pursuits, an island based TV show

By Sam Bari

Rob Roach and his father, Nick Roach are partners in a new outdoor sports television program. Photo by Sam Bari Rob Roach and his father, Nick Roach are partners in a new outdoor sports television program. Photo by Sam Bari Armed with seven years experience as a hunting and fishing guide with his company Kettlebottom Outfitters, a degree in finance, and a good idea, Jamestown resident Rob Roach decided to go into the television production business. His idea developed into "Kettlebottom Outdoor Pursuits," a family oriented, halfhour television program with a new format. Roach invites fishing, hunting, scuba diving, cooking and other experts onto the show to reveal their secrets so viewers can learn to fish, hunt, dive, cook, and enjoy the outdoors with the best of the best.

Roach and his television program are living proof that a good idea will find success. Before he did anything, he consulted with his best friend, business partner, and all around guru who also just happens to be his father, Nick Roach. Nick agreed that his son did indeed have a good idea. His advice was to involve the best and most experienced television production team available and convince some sponsors that the show was worth producing, watching, and financing. Son Rob did just that.

He then talked to veteran sports announcer, TV personality, producer, and host of "Fishing the Ocean State," Don Coyne, about developing his idea. Coyne liked the concept and offered his production company, On the Outs Productions, to produce and edit the show. Rob convinced The Confident Captain, a company that trains boat captains, RI Hunts.com, and Wood Boat and Motor, that "Kettlebottom Outdoor Pursuits" was worth sponsoring, and they all agreed. Next, he contracted Coyne and his team to start production, and the show was born.

The first of eight episodes hit the airwaves Saturday, May 5, at 10:30 a.m., on Cox channel 3, in Rhode Island, and May 12, the program began airing in Connecticut. "Kettlebottom Outdoor Pursuits" can be seen every Saturday morning on Cox Channel 3 at 10:30 a.m., and video clips and outtakes can be viewed on demand on the Internet at www. kettlebottom.com.

"Every week is a new surprise," said Rob Roach. "Kettlebottom Outfitters provides the best guides in New England as experts on the programs." He went on to say that hunting and fishing are fun, but the ultimate enjoyment is eating what we hunt or catch. At the end of every program, the last segment features cooking the catch, he said.

Last Saturday's episode featured Rob and his 10-year-old son, Ben, digging for quahogs. Afterward, Rob went to the kitchen with his wife, Lynn, and made clams casino before the cameras. Viewers learned everything about clamming, including shucking, cleaning and cooking the popular dish.

In another episode, Chef Ralph Battista, from Luigi's Restaurant in Johnston, showed viewers how to prepare pan-seared cod. Then host Don Coyne gave a demonstration of eating the catch and how satisfying that experience can be, Rob said.

The program quickly found an audience, and more sponsors called to come on board. Consequently, Rob recruited long-time friend, Ty Leger, to take charge of public and sponsor relations. Ty's studies of marine biology at the University of Rhode Island, coupled with his love for the outdoors, made him the perfect candidate for the job, Rob said.

"The idea is to show viewers how great it is to walk out your back door here in New England and have a true adventure," Rob explained. "The program doesn't just focus on hunting and fishing. We also demonstrate how to dig for clams and oysters, how to train a bird dog, and a variety of other interests." He went on to say that the culinary emphasis on regional cuisine is unique to New England, and it is important for viewers to realize that all the activities related to bringing the bounty to the table can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Rob Roach has lived in Jamestown all his life. He and his wife Lynn have two sons, Ben, 10, and Ethan, 5, and are expecting another.

Kettlebottom Outfitters and "Kettlebottom Outdoor Pursuits" were named after the Kettlebottom rock formation found offshore from Fort Wetherill, "where my first adventures with the outdoors began," Rob reminisced.

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