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The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Today is the Summer Solstice! Enjoy! ***

Garda, the Irish State Trooper band, will provide the entertainment for a special "A Taste of Jamestown," fund-raiser for longtime Narragansett Cafe doorman Phil Hunt at the cafe Sunday, June 24, from 3 to 7 p.m.

Phil has been diagnosed with cancer and is in need of financial support.

Pam Baserman, chairwoman of the event, said there has been an overwhelming response from local restaurants donating their specialties. As of last weekend, volunteering to take part are Trattoria Simpatico, Trisha's, the PACC, Chopmist Charlie's, Peking Garden, House of Pizza, Losteria, and, of course, the cafe itself.

"Local businesses have been more than generous with raffle prizes, gift certificates, and cash donations," Pam said. Items to date include fishing rods, jewelry, artwork, ferry tickets, pizza, lawn care products, a putter, kayak rental, golf for four, gift baskets and an air conditioner.

Pam is urging islanders to be "fun" raisers, buy tickets and attend. Tickets are $30 and are available at the cafe or by calling Pam at 741-0626.

Additional raffle prizes and donations can be dropped off at the cafe or call for a pick up.


Coming into the home stretch with only two weeks left before we blow up everyone's money, donations have come in from: Win Reed; Jan Allen; the Weltys of Longfellow Road, who wrote, "Thanks for all the great fireworks everyone has looked forward to July 4th has been special because of you," Winston and Judy Knight, Conanicus Avenue; Charles and Alexis Pyle, Emerson Road, who commented, "It has been a blast! Thanks for the years of great fireworks," Richard and Christa Casey of Southwest Avenue, who said, "Thank you for all the oohs and aahs - for all the bangs and blasts."

Also, from Marie Pecchia of Yawl Avenue who asked that her donation be in Ralph's memory - "loved your displays. Thanks for the great work," Ann Dodge, Longfellow Road, who commented, "Thanks for many years past of great fireworks. May this year be the best, most memorable year ever," BankNewport; John and Madonna Shannon, Columbia Lane; Noel and Bruce Brakenhoff, East Shore Road; Dot Norton and Joe Tiexiera who wrote, "You have given us years of joy on the 4th of July - we will miss you - a big THANKS. Hopefully the town will pick up the ball and continue the tradition," Dee and Art Christman of Windsor Street who asked us to "Dedicate this year to all the ones in Iraq and all military; anonymous; East Ferry Deli with a loud "K-boom," Richard and Elizabeth Edie of Ledge Road, who also offered a big "Thank you," Bill and Virginia Burgin, Maple Avenue, who wrote, "Please deposit these donated dollars and detonate!" Gayen Thompson, Grinnell Street, who said, "Thanks for your explosions over the years!" Ann and Bruce McIntyre of Clarke Street; and special kudos to the employees at McQuade's who each week urge their customers to fill up the Rocket Dawgz donation cans.

Don't be left on the beach with your money in your pockets. Send it aloft and enjoy the excitement of the anniversary of our nation's birth. Mail your check to the Fireworks Fund, Box 1776, Jamestown, 02835 or drop it off at the Press office.



A celebration of Jim Filkins' life will be held this Sunday, June 24, at the Lt. Col. John C. Rembijas Memorial Pavilion at Fort Getty from 2 to 6 p.m.

The memorial portion of the afternoon will begin at 2 p.m. Jim's friends are asked to bring picnics to enjoy while listening to live Irish music in a seisin led by Tom Perotti.


Jamestown school students and their parents, siblings and grandparents are invited to a special viewing of the Bayside Garden Railroad at 98 East Shore Rd. this Saturday, June 23, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The railroad is the creation of school bus monitors (buses 2 and 10) Veronika and Monty Neronha. It has over 500 feet of track with five running trains, miniature bridges and 22 buildings. The plantings are all dwarf, Bonsai or miniature shrubs, plus ground cover to match the scale of the buildings and bridges. It has been recognized as one of the outstanding Garden Railroads in New England.

The rain date is the next day, June 24, at the same times.

Questions? Call 423-1391 and ask for the engineer.


Bob Healy, our neighbor and an ardent fisherman, will have a few stories to tell at the next meeting of the Striper Club. He caught two of them, 42 and 35 pounds, on Saturday southeast of Block Island.


Some 75 friends and relatives gathered at the home of Doug and Tracey Ouellette on Pemberton Avenue on Saturday to celebrate the graduation of their daughter Megan from LaSalle Academy.

She is going on to Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania.

Among the guests was Megan's brother, Shawn, who is entering his senior year at Texas A&M University. Shawn leaves here to go back to Texas then flies to Honolulu with his class to board the California Maritime Academy's training ship the USTS Golden Bear.

The ship will cruise to Subic Bay in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Seattle and back to California.

Big kudos to Megan and Shawn.


Patty Vandal and Barbara-Ann MacIntosh responded to our poser last week. It was indeed "Till We Meet Again" and was sung by a soldier going off to war.

It begins with "Smile the while you kiss me sad adieu....when the clouds roll by I'll come to you." It ends with, "So wait and pray each night for me, till we meet again."

Has anyone heard of the song, "I Must See Annie Tonight?"


An old expression describing an individual as thickheaded meant that he was slow, dull, a blockhead, even stupid.

Have you noticed there is a whole block of thickheads in our state. It's called the General Assembly.


You can lead a dog to water, but he may not like it nor know how to swim, says Dr. Joshua Hatch in his Pet Tip of the Week. "Surprisingly not all dogs can swim or even like the water, but it is possible to teach your dog to swim. Start by going into a pool or lake where you can enter the water with your dog. Bring a favorite toy with you and encourage him out into shallow water at first by tossing the toy short distances and swimming over to it. If you know another dog that can swim then bring him along to help encourage your pet too. "Safety is important and some dogs can be helped by wearing a doggie life vest to keep them afloat. Keep your dog on a leash until you know they can and will swim back to you. After swimming always make sure you rinse your dog with fresh water to get out any bacteria, salt, chemicals or sand that may irritate his skin or hair coat."



Sunday is St. Jean Baptiste Day.

*** Be true!!


Call in your stuff for this column to 423-0383 or 829-2760. You can e-mail us at jtnwalrus@ hotmail.com, or drop your items off at the Jamestown Press office.

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