2007-06-21 / Letters to the Editor

Public has rights to the water

The beautiful weather this weekend provided my family with an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and bounty of our beloved island. A great thing about Jamestown is the many public rights of way that provide us access to the waterfront. While using one such right of way, while clamming, a property owner adjacent to the right of way came out on the beach to inform me that my vehicle was in the way of "other people's views," and that she might have to put a boat in the water. I explained to her that it was a public right of way and I had every right to be there. I also said if she felt I was breaking the law to call the Jamestown Police. Shortly thereafter, a police officer came and after a brief discussion with him it was determined I was perfectly in the right to use the right of way in the manner I did. I am sure that adjoining property owners are well aware of these "rights of way" before purchasing their homes. I have just two suggestions: 1. If the thought of the public using a public right of way bothers you so much, you should purchase a home not so close to one. 2. The town should charge these frivolous complainers a fee for calling the Jamestown Police just because someone's view may be ruined for a couple of hours while someone uses the right of way for what it was intended for, enjoyment!

Brian Coleman

Beacon Ave

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