2007-06-21 / Letters to the Editor

Studio is a hidden island treasure

I wanted to write to share my experience with one of Jamestown's hidden treasures, Clancy Designs. We first experienced this wonderful treasure when we had family visiting us one cold, rainy April morning. I was expecting this to be an educational look at glassblowing and what we got was so much more. First, the location of the studio beckons you to think of Jamestown's past. The windmill and miller's cottage were the hot spot where friends and family would gather to mill their corn and visit. When we walked into the studio, we were greeted as if we were friends visiting after a long absence. Jennifer and David invited us to find a comfortable spot so we could watch as they created their blown glass art. As they began their design, they not only spoke fondly of their craft, but also of Jamestown today and of yesteryear. It was quite clear that the location of their home and studio influenced their designs. As they worked the glass, it was as if we were watching an artistic dance from which we could begin to see the beauty and energy of Jamestown emerging in both the color and shape of their design. As I looked around their studio, it was evident that every item they created embodied the splendor of Jamestown; from the ocean blues, the green farmlands, the browns and grays of the shoreline, the creamy soft white of sheep grazing, to the rocky textures of the stone fences. I had seen Clancy designs in town, but never had I realized the beauty of Jamestown in Clancy Designs as I did on that day. It made me wonder why I was now experiencing Clancy Designs differently. I believe that Jennifer and David Clancy have accurately captured the love and the splendor of Jamestown in their art and you must experience the "dance" in order to fully recognize the beauty of Jamestown in each piece.

We have visited their studio several times since that rainy April day and would like to thank Jennifer and David for sharing their time and talent with our family. Without a doubt, the Clancy Designs we have acquired from these two talented artists will help us recall our fond memories of the genuine beauty of Jamestown. Their studio should be a "must see" for everyone visiting or living on the island. It is a shame that Clancy Designs is being blocked from selling their designs from their studio. It is a huge disservice to two very talented artists, but also to residents of Jamestown who will miss out on the beauty of their island exemplified in this unique art form.

Jennifer Dalton U.S. Air Force spouse

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