2007-06-21 / News

Bridge authority votes to sell land to town

By Dotti Farrington

Yesterday, June 20, the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority unanimously approved a proposal to sell for $97,500 the approximately 6,000 square foot parcel the town wants for a highway barn. If the Town Council chooses that location, the town would add the authority land to its own parcel near the Newport Bridge ramp.

David Darlington, chairman of the authority, specified that the price includes legal and environmental costs the authority has incurred to date in its evaluation of the site. The approved agreement is conditional on the town's acceptance, including all additional legal, environmental and related costs to the authority if the Town Council and voters approve the sale. The authority early this month offered the plan at $100,000 and the town counter proposed $95,000. The authority agreed to split the difference.

Darlington also stated that last week's report of council postponement of action on barn matters seemed to blame the authority for not acting sooner. Darlington said such responsibility "was the furthest from the truth." He said the authority has done all in its power to move all fast as it could, including offers to call special authority meetings to act on the matter.

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