2007-06-28 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

"The Rocket Dawgz' shows have been dandy

With the bangs and the booms they're quite handy

So for your last shoot

We're sending some loot

To make your finale 'MAS GRANDE'


"Thanks for all the spectacular shows."

Jamie Bennett, Linda Scott and Harry Scott-Bennett of Beacon Avenue sent their grand poetry along with their contribution to the July 4 fireworks show at Mackerel Cove.

Others making donations are Joseph and Barbara Samartino of Seaside Drive; anonymous, The Von Ho-Ho Clan, "Ka-Boom;" Andrew Weicker, Narragansett Avenue; Wesley Yando and Lorraine Spooner, Grinnell Street; John and Diane Allard of Sampan Avenue who wrote, "There's an old saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but each year 'the Dawgz' prove that statement wrong!...we are in the most fortunate community in Rhode Island because of dedicated people like you;" Peter and Rochelle Carnevale, Westwind Drive; Anne and Paul Barrett of Dewey Lane who wrote, "Thanks for the great job you've done over the years!" Tom and Anne Tighe, West Street; Bruce Craven, Highland Drive; Robert and Jane Mead of Walcott Avenue; Erin and William Marsh, Cedar Drive who commented, "For all you do - this checks for you!" Norm and Joyce Beretta, Walcott Avenue who wrote, "Celebrate the birthday of the greatest country in the world;" and Paul and Pat Jutras of Seaside Drive, "For the last brilliant blast!"

Also, Barry and Carla Cook of Highland Drive; Michael and Kathleen O'Neil, Southwest Avenue; Richard and Pamela Haas, Seaside Drive; Isabel Coyle, Clarke Street; Lynn and William Berman, Southwest Avenue; Jeanne Spinosa, Southwest Avenue; Wendy and Edward Harvey of Walnut Street; Floyd and Joann Grau who wrote, "Thanks for each and every year you treated us to a spectaular celebration. We really hate to think that the KA-BOOM we've come to count on will be a Ka-Put in 2008! Thanks again!" Erin and Joseph Gregg, Meadow Lane; John and Joan McCauley, Columbia Lane; and Frank and Hope Darigan of West Reach Drive, "We will miss your wonderful yearly displays of fireworks, fun, fervor and patriotism! You have done a wonderful service for the entire community. Blow this up!"

At this late date we're some $5,000 short of our goal to bring you a blast equal to the past couple of years. But as you understand, all the money comes from donations, so the size of the shoot depends on how much is sent to us.

We have a week left. Our deepest gratitude to those who have sent contributions in this, our last year and all the years before.

Send your check to PO Box 1776, Jamestown 02835 or drop it off at the Press office and we'll be sure and blow it up.

This year's display is dedicated to all our servicemen and women deployed throughout the world defending our freedoms.



With lots of KA-BOOMS and cookouts on tap this summer Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic urges we take some extra care with our pets.

"With the 4th of July around the corner there are some precautions to take with your pets. First, make sure to keep your pets safely away from grills and any fireworks. Cats and dogs have been known to jump on grills to steal food and can easily get burned. Also, make sure your pets don't get into the trash or leftovers from all that grilled food because it can lead to stomach issues and vomiting and then an early summer trip to your veterinarian.

"Finally, be aware that many pets are frightened by fireworks and may hide or tremble or even scratch their way through doors or break windows to get away from the noise. Always provide your pet with a safe, quiet area to escape to if you know fireworks are going to be in your area. If you know your pet has a noise phobia consider talking to your veterinarian and finding out if sedatives are an option for your pet to reduce their anxiety and stress levels."



Some of Dr. Hatch's fireworks advice may not be applicable if your name is Firecracker, a 3-yearold Jack Russell terrier adopted by Soozie and former Governor Bruce Sundlun from the Potter League for Animals in Middletown.

Soozie told us she has never been without a dog except for the past 1 1/2 years when her last dog passed away. She visited the Potter League and now Firecracker shares the Sundlun home on Seaside Drive. "We love him and I take him to work with me every day," Soozie said.

Another Potter adoptee is living on Melrose Avenue with Gina Seraichyk. Jack is a chocolate brown rex-breed rabbit now living with another rabbit, Bun Bun, at Gina's house. Jack will take the place of Hasenpfeffer (a bunny with pepper points) that is now in critter heaven. The rabbits also share the house with another adoptee, a greyhound named Dooley Bear and Mr. Peepers, a 16-year-old cockatoo.

A kitten also left Potter for Jamestown. Sophie is now living on Sail Street with Jennifer Bento and Rick Hodges and Rick's children Lisa, 17, and Jeffrey, 14. Sophie joins another cat, two-yearold Abigail.

Welcome new arrivals Firecracker, Jack and Sophie.


Imagine me with my head on your shoulders............


Congratulations to the Jamestown Community Chorus' newly elected Board of Directors for the 2007-2008 season.

They are: Pat Petty, president; Laura Yentsch, vice-president; Susanne Vieira, secretary; Bruce Foresman, treasurer; Sylvia Monti, soprano section leader; Deb Wyman, alto section leader; John Biddle, tenor section leader; Tom Pederson, bass section leader; Dianne Reilly, librarian; Jessica Wilson, public relations director; and B.J. Whitehouse, director of music.

Jessica Wilson said, "The chorus takes great pleasure in announcing the reappointment of B.J. as music director and Janet Grant as accompanist. They have both been with the chorus since 1989."

The elections were held at the chorus'annual board meeting June 5, followed by a contest featuring desserts and hors d'oeuvres. "In addition to fine singers, the chorus has some outstanding culinary talent," Grant said.

Plans are underway for the chorus' 18th annual talent show entitled "350 Years: Then and Now" to be staged August 16 at the community center.



Grandson Tom was 15 on June 17 and is back on the island for the summer. Hugs please.


Barbara-Ann MacIntosh responded to our inquiry about the song "I Must See Annie Tonight."

She said a friend once sang the song as "I Must See Andy Tonight" in a quartet dressed as Raggedy Ann.

Barbara-Ann contacted her friend and received a copy of the lyrics.

"Am I going to the opera, am I going to the show?

Am I going to a concert, NO NO NO.

There are a million things I could do tonight to have a lot of fun, but

I can think of only one...

"I must see Annie tonight, I must see Annie tonight.

Is she cute oh me oh my the birds tweet tweet when she goes by?

If you saw her then you'd know why I must see Annie tonight.

"Hello Central give me a line, calling Bryant number seven o nine".....and so on.

Sounds like it may go back into the twenties. Does it ring anybody else's bell?

Great job, Barbara-Ann!!

*** Be true!


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