2007-06-28 / Editorial

Let's build the highway garage

We finally have a decision. It happened Monday evening. The Town Council voted on a highway garage site.

The council's decision was split, but that's no surprise. We've been arguing for years about where to place the highway garage.

Now island voters must approve the funding to build the new highway garage on property adjacent to the Newport Bridge. The referendum is scheduled for a special election in August.

We are glad to see the garage site location debate put to rest. We are sure that most islanders feel the same way. Our public works employees deserve better accommodations than they presently have at Ft. Wetherill.

No matter whether the north end might have been the best location for a highway garage, the landfill and groundwater issues are factors that won't go away. It is not worth the continued bickering and threatened legal battles.

The town has spent far too much time, energy and money on site selection for the highway garage.

What's most important is that the council decision will allow the town to move on to other equally pressing issues.

Let's approve the spending at the August referendum and get the darned thing built.

Then we can argue about something else.

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