2007-07-03 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

This is it!! Tomorrow night at about 9:15 the first rocket will go skyward and light up Mackerel Cove as its sound waves reverberate off the cliffs to commemorate the 231st year of our country's independence.

We're still below our money goal but during the past week many have come forward to donate and the gap is closing. Our deepest appreciation to all.

For the procrastinators there's still plenty of time. Pick a check to be blown up, make it out to the Fireworks Fund for $1,000, and send it to Box 1776, Jamestown, or drop it off at the Jamestown Press office.

You can also give it to the Rocket Dawgz collecting donations at the beach tomorrow night.

Coming through last week were the many pedestrians at East Ferry who stopped by to chat with head Dawg B.J. Whitehouse and leave a donation with him.

Also, Frederick Glomb and Christine Ferguson of Bay View Drive; Jan and John Grant, Whittier Road; Tom and Terry Tiernan, Buoy Street; Paula and Bob Florentino, Conanicus Avenue; William Ewing and Anne Constant, Racquet Road; Jean Lilly of Seaside Drive who asked us to "Blow one up for Dan!," John and Karen Benson, High Street; Newport County Convention and Visitor's Bureau; Jack Albaugh, Xtra Mart; and House of Pizza, Narragansett Avenue.

And, Cheryl Page and Joe Tiexiera, Brook Street, who wrote, "You have given us years of joy on the 4th of July - we will miss you - a big THANKS;" Richard and Elizabeth Beretta of East Shore Road; Bernice Greene, Whittier Road, "Thank you;" Andrew and Margaret Holmes of Holmested Court; Judy Garlick, Mt. Hope Avenue, who commented, "Here's to another spectacular show - KABOOM;" Dorothy Norton, Howland Avenue; and J. Robert and Marie Greco, Seaside Drive, who wrote, "Looking forward to another great time."

Plus, Trattoria Simpatico; Walter and Pearl Turgeon of Beavertail Road, "The last blow up;" Frank and Jillian Meyer, Southwest Avenue who wrote, "Use this as a tribute to the Dawgz for all your years of making July 4th special. Thanks a bunch;" Jean and Robert Lambert of Maple Avenue, "We can't wait to see the fireworks reflected over Sheffield Cove -please blow this up;" Island Rubbish, Swinburne Street, "Thank you for the many years of great fireworks!;" Deb and Dennis Owens, Felucca Street, "Thanks for the memories. Sorry to see it end;" L. Leigh Gribble (USN-Ret.) Newport, "Thanks for all of your hard work through the years to make Jamestown's Fourth of July an always memorable occasion. You are the spirit of Jamestown;" Baker's Pharmacy; Tim Baker, Walcott Avenue, 'In memory of Nancy Baker. She loved your fireworks! Thanks;" Ellie Chase, Gondola Street; Dennis and Rebecca Gunn, Beacon Avenue; J. Robert and Andrea Dolan, Coronado Street; Sally and Peter Schott, Longfellow Road, "Groups like the Rocket Dawgz are what make Jamestown a great place to live - thanks for all the hard work!;" Judith and John Heelan, Standish Road, "Thanks for celebrating my husband Jack's birthday with your fireworks celebration;" Karan and Charles Osenton, Blueberry Lane,

"Thanks for the memories Every 4th was such a treat Twas really hard to beat How wonderful it was And thank you - So Much!!" KA-BOOM!!


It would seem to be an idyllic life for the Andersens. The winter months in another land and summers in Jamestown.

Ellen (House) Andersen and her husband Mike and their two children, Ryder, 3, and River-Jane, 1, are back at their home on Hamilton Avenue where Ellen grew up.

Mike is 7-feet tall and plays center in the professional basketball Euro League. They spent the past two seasons in Sopot, Poland, where Mike played in the Polish Domestic League.

Ellen, known by her friends as Junior because her mom is also named Ellen, said she enjoyed her time in Poland. The couple has been together for 12 years and married a year ago. Mike played on teams in Naples, Italy, for three years and four years in Athens, Greece. He is from Denmark and the two met at URI.

We were kidding her about some of her pronunciations and she replied that she has her unique Rhode Island drawl mixed in with an international accent.

They will know in August where they will be heading in the fall. Ellen said that Mike is at the end of his career. "At 33 he's the oldest one on his team." After his active years he's looking forward to coaching.

So, what are their plans until they hear about their next destination? "Enjoy life on Jamestown," Junior said.


Joan Breakell e-mailed, "Did you know that with the new bus schedule, Jamestown has effectively been cut off for anyone commuting to Newport via RIPTA? You can get to Newport on the 8:41 a.m. #64 bus but the last bus back leaves Newport at 11:37 a.m.

"My husband, and several other regular riders from the island, depend on the bus to get to work. Only in Rhode Island!"

Sounds like time for the Jamestown Newport Ferry?


The choice of Taylor Point is incomprehensible and further proof of the total absence of common sense.


There are some new faces on this year's Jamestown Youth Litter and Conservation Team.

Returning to the unit this summer are Victoria Ryng, assistant to the supervisor, and Tom Munro. New faces are Ryan Conlon, Dennis Lathan, Morgan Lopes, Rachael Perry, Philip Ryng and Chad Woodward.

Supervisor Bonnie Jamieson said that each of the new crew members will be working two days a week from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. "This new venture of hiring more teens at reduced hours helps employ more kids in a time when it is hard to find jobs for the summer months. The average age of the workers is 15."

The team does a great job each year helping to keep the island clean.


The Jamestown Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) is distributing a packet called File of Life in which islanders can keep their personal health records up to date in one location to be used in the event of an emergency.

JEMS developed the package from a grant presented by the Rhode Island Foundation. The forms ask questions such as emergency contacts, medical data (doctor, preferred hospital, medications, recent surgery), medical conditions, allergies and medical insurance.

Fill out the information in pencil so it can be updated. There are two packets, a large one and a smaller one. The form in the larger holder can be attached to your refrigerator door. JEMS' public relations officer Judith Bell said that if they have to come to your house "we can dash out the door with it and you." The smaller information card should be carried on your person in case of an emergency away from home.

The forms are available at the ambulance barn or call 423-7276 and a member will deliver the package to your house. Members will also assist in filling out the information.

Great idea!!


It's time again for those great lobster rolls and the famous Tiki Punch.

St. Matthew's Episcopal Church will put on its 76th annual Summer Fair Saturday, July 21, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the church grounds.

Highlights include home baked goodies, games for the kids, toys, jewelry, books and amazing white elephant bargains.

Lunch under the famous beech tree will feature burgers, hotdogs, lobster rolls, chowder and coffee, plus soft drinks. A silent auction will have some cool things, including a cruise on the schooner Arabella.


Two upstate senators introduced a bill favoring the insurance companies in the flap over exorbitant fees for house coverage in Newport County.

The illegal redlining will continue. The senators who introduced the legislation are naturally exempt from the policy hikes.

Another example of the lobbyists governing our state.

*** Be true!!


Call in your stuff for this column to 423-0383 or 829-2760. You can e-mail us at jtnwalrus@ hotmail.com, or drop your items off at the Jamestown Press office.

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