2007-07-03 / Letters to the Editor

Corrected history of lot 47

In reading Tom Shelvin's synopsis of the Highway Barn vote, I noticed two technical errors regarding the history of this issue. First, he mentioned that Lot 47 was "purchased by the town specifically for the purpose of constructing a public works facility." That is not true. Back in 1987, the meeting minutes from when that purchase was made states that the lot was purchased for the purpose of constructing a public works facility or providing a buffer between the landfill and abutting residential lots. Clearly, Lot 47 was purchased to serve one of two options under consideration at that time. Back then, there were no homes on Prospect Avenue, nor was it even a developed road. Today, there are three new beautiful homes there, which are all less than ten years old. If used for anything, now that this neighborhood is developed with residences, Lot 47 should be regarded more as a need for buffer between this beautiful new neighborhood and the old closed landfill. Second, the vote back in 2004 was not a vote to overwhelmingly reject Taylor Point as a site for the Highway Barn, as noted in the article in last week's paper. That vote was merely a rejection of the budget amount for putting a Highway Barn at Taylor Point, not a rejection of the site as a location for the facility. Had the design for Taylor Point been refined to more reasonable and less expensive facility attributes that vote for approving the funding by the residents may have passed. The public deserves to know the true history on this topic.

Dave Lussier


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