2007-07-12 / Letters to the Editor

Respect the Great Creek osprey

Most of us on the island know about the osprey at Great Creek, and the fact that they have young ones in their nest now. It is a wonderful and magical site to see when the young birds peek up out of the nest and we all want a good peek.

In the last few days, while keeping my distance, I have been fortunate to view this magical wonder through the lens of a zoom camera. Unfortunately, I have also viewed many people not keeping a respectful distance from the birds and causing the birds great stress.

I personally witnessed people drive up, park their cars on the side of the road near the nest and then jump out of their cars expressing their excitement rather loudly. With cars lining up, people beginning to accumulate and the noise growing louder, the birds start to panic. Do we really want to stress these birds? Probably not. However, I hope that we can all be more aware of how we are affecting these beautiful birds. I'd like to suggest that we all take better care of them by keeping a respectful distance, parking further away from the nest and keeping our voices down. If you take photos, try not to run back and forth to get that perfect shot. Keep it low key and try not to spook the birds.

Please, help by respecting these beautiful birds. Thank you!

Andréa Good


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