2007-07-12 / Letters to the Editor

Our Council is courageous

Throughout the past six years that I've had time to observe and scrutinize our local government in action, there have been many issues that I have been compelled to speak out about.

In several cases, my writings have been somewhat less than complimentary to board members, municipal staff and elected officials who I believed failed to demonstrate proper reasoning in the performance of their duties.

Today, I am writing to compliment the professional and courageous decision of the Town Council and the creative, "out of the box" thinking of our town administrator and the Deputy Public Works Director and Town Engineer Michael Gray.

Council Vice President DiGiando and Councilor Szepatowski, in their decision to select upper Taylor Point over lot 47, both properly considered that even the slightest risk to just one person's health was not worth taking.

Although the scrutiny by the North End Concerned Citizens has delayed the decision process, their disclosures have made us all acutely aware that the water supply for the whole island is on the "third rock", that even the public water supply draws water from the underlying bedrock aquifer and should it become contaminated, there is no viable alternate source for water.

Town Administrator Keiser also deserves accolades for keeping an open mind, allowing his staff to continue to investigate alternate sites and putting his efforts into finding the best and most efficient location to service the entire community ahead of the political pressures that every previous administrator has had to contend with.

Finally, I would also like to applaud Council President David Long for putting aside his own personal preference in order to put an end to the bickering and pointing the town's attention toward future challenges and opportunities.

These days, it's not often that we see elected officials set aside their personal and political alliances in order to do the right thing.

It was discouraging to read letters admonishing his casting the deciding vote, but I truly believe once the facility is built and operational, Jamestowners will all have high regard for the courage and leadership that President Long demonstrated.

Sav Rebecchi

Sail Street

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