2007-07-12 / Letters to the Editor

Vacuous highway barn reasoning

Several major facts are being overlooked relating to the council's recent capitulation on the highway barn location. Taylor Point is a key approach to the village area of the island which was a consideration when the police station was gussied up to accommodate first impressions decades earlier. But moreover, as walkers around Taylor Point can attest, the land in that area provides gorgeous ocean views of Newport, the bridge, and Newport harbor. Has anyone assessed the value of Jamestown's ocean view property of late?

We all know the state of Rhode Island is broke, and since we pay Rhode Island taxes regularly we do wonder how state officials can afford to give that "location, location" site away to the town of Jamestown for such a bargain price at great detriment to the pockets of all Rhode Islanders. But since the state in its infinite wisdom sees fit to do just that, why are Jamestowners wasting their own tax dollars building a barn garage in that location when we could sell the property at a great turnaround profit? This profit would pay for construction and upkeep of the garage barn for decades at the barn site already purchased off North Road with no need for further outlay of funds.

Mrs. Paul Gricus


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