2007-07-12 / Letters to the Editor

Many to thank for support

I would like to thank everyone for coming to my "Fun Raiser."

Once again the Narragansett Café has come through in a big way. Owners Dan and Tom Alexander are always there and ready to help someone in need. My special thanks to the two of them. Also, thanks go out to all the staff of the café who were very generous with their time and help. Thanks to the local businesses who donated the makings of an excellent buffet. The raffle was a huge success and my thanks goes out to the many people who helped make it that way. The music, as usual, was great. My thanks to the band for being there. Special thanks also have to go out to Pam and Doe. Without them, well, enough said. I start treatment in a couple of weeks. If all goes as planned I'll be around to torment all of you for many years to come. I love you all.

Phil Hunt Jamestown

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