2007-07-12 / News

Woman suffers back injuries in fall from cliff

Jamestown EMTs and firefighters participated in a dramatic rescue on the cliffs at Beavertail State Park Sunday about noon.

The woman, who was reported to be enjoying the beautiful day with her son and daughter-in-law, was walking on a cliff top trail when she lost her balance and fell into the deep ravine below.

Keith Godena, spokesman for the Jamestown Fire Department, said that the special services team, with the help of Ladder 1 and Engine 1, rappelled into a ravine, about 25 feet below the cliffs on the east side of Beavertail, north of Parking Lot 4, in an area he called "the crevice."

Using ropes and a pulley system, a basket stretcher was lowered to the woman, described as a 74-year-old Narragansett resident. EMTs scaled the cliff to attend to the woman while the apparatus was set up, Godena said.

After EMTs and firefighters got the woman to the surface, a Coast Guard helicopter was called in to help transport the woman, Godena said. She was taken to the trauma unit at Rhode Island hospital for back injuries, Godena said, noting he heard that she was in fair condition.

"This is the second time we've had to do this," Godena said about a cliffside rescue. "We're all trained pretty well for this kind of thing," he added.

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