2007-07-12 / News

Independence a senior goal

As a result of meetings held last fall and winter to explore the needs and desires of local senior citizens a new organization has been founded. Called SRI at Home, the group hopes to have branches in South County, Jamestown and Newport. SRI (for southern Rhode Island) at Home will meet these needs by providing mutual self-help services. Most older people want to remain independent and in their own homes as they age, but often need assistance with practical things like changing a light bulb, getting to doctor's appointments, or filling out insurance claim forms. SRI at Home will offer this type of help and also provide enriching cultural opportunities to its members. Every member is expected to contribute occasional volunteer help in some form, such as telephoning or cooking a simple meal.

The plans call for the community groups, or "houses," to begin with a minimum of 10 people to a maximum of 40. A South County group has already been formed with 26 members. Newport is close to the minimum, while Jamestown's four members have opted to join the South County "house," until their numbers grow.

Yearly dues are $40 per person, with a one-time fee of $50 to pay for start-up costs for the organization. Part of this will fund the development of a Web site, which will contain more information about SRI at Home and a membership form. To learn more, go to www.sriathome.org.

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