2007-07-19 / Letters to the Editor

Kudos for Tall Ships efforts

I would like to recognize several organizations and people who made the fire department response to the Tall Ships 2007 event a major success.

First, I would like to recognize the 35 men and women who spent their entire Sunday on duty prepared to respond to any and all emergencies that may have taken place. The members on duty were Deputy Chief Ken Gladding, Deputy Chief Howie Tighe, Capt. Mike Pinksaw, Capt. Keith Godena, Capt. Brian Bryer, Capt. Roy Richardson, Capt. Marcus Cochran, Capt. Dick Wing, Lt. Alan Weaver, Lt. Peter Roderick, Lt. Bert Dickinson, Firefighter Mike Pinksaw, Sr., Firefighter Ken Caswell, Firefighter Lew Kitts, Firefighter Steve Froberg, Firefighter Dave E. Gladding, Firefighter Jim Ingari, Firefighter David J. Gladding, Firefighter Peter Largess, Firefighter Bill Marsh, Firefighter Mike Cabral, Firefighter Vernon McNeil, Firefighter Bob Bauer, Firefighter Gary Largess, Firefighter Sandy Peterson, Firefighter Pierre Pages, Firefighter Brian Gladding, Firefighter Paul Christman, Firefighter Dan Lavallee, Firefighter Anita Godena, Firefighter Melissa Hicks, Firefighter Jay Brittain, Firefighter Rob Hargis, Firefighter Ron Barber and Firefighter Andrea von Hohenleiten.

I would like to recognize Police Chief Thomas Tighe, Lt. Donovan, all of their department's police officers, harbor officers, community service officers and dispatchers for the outstanding job they did during the entire weeklong event. The town should be very proud of the job this department does handling such a large-scale event essentially seamless. The planning, preparation and coordination that goes into such an event takes many, many hours and the police department handles the majority of this work.

I would also like to thank the Jamestown EMS, Exeter Rescue, Scituate Rescue, URI Rescue and the Yawgoo Valley Search and Rescue team for the first responder and EMS services they provided to the island during the Parade of Sails event.

I would also like to recognize the town manager, Bruce Keiser, acting Recreation Director Bill Piva, Public Works Director Steve Goslee, School Maintenance Superintendent Lew Kitts and Town Clerk Arlene Petit for all the work they did with Chief Tighe, Lt. Donovan, JEMS Director Hodges and the fire chiefs working behind the scenes preparing for this event. A tremendous amount of work goes into planning for large events. Shuttles, bathroom facilities, litter pickup, staffing, food, traffic control, vendor licenses, parking areas, crowd control and a litany of other logistical issues that have to be dealt with.

The Town Council and the residents should be very proud that it was another in a long line of superb jobs done by the town staff and organizations.

James R. Bryer Jr.

Fire Chief

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