2007-07-19 / Letters to the Editor

Disappointed with Town Council

I have lived on Jamestown all my life and was very disappointed in the outcome of the Town Council's vote concerning the location of the highway barn.

I attended two meetings several years ago where the townspeople could voice their opinions. The vast majority expressed their support for Lot 47 and gave very valid reasons why that location was the better choice.

When the Town Council chose to put the barn at Taylor's Point, the referendum was turned down. Not because the cost was higher, but because it was the wrong place. Several years ago we placed the sewerage treatment plant at Taylor's Point and were told it would not be seen and it would not smell. Both statements are not true and I think most people that lived here at the time learned a good lesson.

Two committees were appointed by the Town Council to come up with a site for the highway barn and both committees came up with Lot 47. Our past town administrator, Bob Sutton, also felt that Lot 47 was the best choice. The highway workers themselves chose Lot 47, but I wonder who is listening to us?

Why should we spend $100,000 to buy a site and have the bridge authority put several restrictions on it when we already own a site that has been chosen several times?

I hope that everyone turns out for the voting in August and makes the right choice.

Jane Estes Bentley


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