2007-07-19 / Letters to the Editor

Vote 'no' on highway barn site

Mr. Rebecchi, to my mind, disingenuously applauds the Town Council's "courage" in its highway barn decision. In fact, the council caved to blatant NIMBYism and the threat of potential lawsuits based on bad science and scare tactics. Lot 47 was identified and remains a safe and reasonable location for the highway barn.

Take back the island from this small, vocal NECC. Vote "no" in the August referendum.

Carol B. Crafts

865 North Main Road


I was stunned to read Mr. Sav Rebecchi's "Our council is courageous" ("Letters to the Editor," July 12), but then potable water has a greater reach on Conanicut Island than common sense; anyone who has followed the saga of the public works garage recognizes this.

Now, we are asked to accept the balm offered in that letter, one wrapped as usual in obfuscation and avoidance of fact. The decision by three members of the Town Council, including especially Mr. Long, who received a paean of gratitude in the letter, was hardly courageous; foolish might better describe it. What I did miss in the letter was the irony-drenched funereal oration of Marc Antony over Caesar.

If the fear of lawsuits and the constant bickering and obstructionism that has surrounded this effort for so many years swayed the council, it has not affected many of the rest of us. Let the concerned citizens sue; if the case is not thrown out as frivolous, and the factual, scientific evidence indicates that it should be, then the town should be willing to wait for the complaintants to be adjudged, liable for the court costs. There may be a growing cost for the garage, but, as the ad says, a judgment against those who might sue would be priceless.

If the council's decision stands, the community might as well surrender to irrationality altogether - a dozen defeat three thousand? Vote no with me against the Taylor Point site on Aug 28. Vote for Lot 47 on general election day. Do not forget.

And, while you are remembering, the next time the Town Council election is held, do not forget to repay Mr. David Long, Mr. Di- Giando, and Ms. Szepatowski for their courage by voting for others.

Richard Murphy 865 North Main Road

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