2007-07-26 / Letters to the Editor

Parking spaces lost to EMTs

This letter was sent to the Town Council and copied to the Jamestown Press.

I was startled this week to find five of the ten public, long-term parking spaces east of the ambulance barn now reserved for EMS personnel only. Parking for more than two hours in the village is scarce to say the least. I do not understand the sudden need for more reserved space for the EMS.

I was a volunteer on the ambulance association for several years and cannot recall one instance where there was a parking problem for responders. All of the space directly west of the barn is reserved for responders, which can accommodate at least eight cars. One of the bays in the barn has also been closed, providing another space. In the event of a call requiring all three vehicles, there is extra space on the grassy area toward the rear.

Was this decision ever before the council or was it an arbitrary judgment made between the EMS and the police department?

Bill Sprague Reservoir Circle

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