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Library memories sought

From 1898 to 1971 the Jamestown Philomenian Library occupied the building at 92 Narragansett Ave., now the Jamestown Museum. What was the library like in those days? What do people remember of their visits? The Jamestown Historical Society would like to know.

Send your library memories to the Jamestown Historical Society at P.O. Box 156, Jamestown, RI 02835; send an email to jhs@ jamestownri.com; or record them in a notebook at the museum.

The building originally stood on Southwest Avenue and was a one-room schoolhouse for the primary grades. In 1898, when the Carr School was built where Mc- Quade's Market is now, the town moved the building to the present site. The library, which had been incorporated in 1847, moved its books from private residences, where they had been accumulating, to their new public home. The back room was added in 1921 to expand the library.

The Jamestown Historical Society began using the building as a museum when the new library opened at 26 North Main Rd. in 1971. This spring the society renovated the interior of the building by repairing windows, installing insulation and environmental controls, painting walls and ceilings, and refinishing the floors. The renovation brought to light reminders of the building's earlier uses. Screw holes showing where school desks and chairs were bolted to the floor are clearly visible, and library shelves encircle the workroom.

This summer's exhibit documents the demolition of the Jamestown Bridge. The museum is open from 1 to 4 p.m., Wednesdays through Sundays until Sept. 2.

For more information, contact Sue Maden at 423-2167.

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