2007-08-02 / Editorial

Order pictures from Jamestown Press.com

Order pictures from JamestownPress.com

This week we are launching a new feature on our Web site, www.JamestownPress.com. Called Photo Album, readers will be able to view and order prints of local photographs.

The Press usually only publishes a select few of the many pictures taken at island events. We often have requests from readers who would like to see the other pictures. The new Photo Album will allow readers to see many of the other great pictures taken by island photographers. Readers may also order prints of pictures they like. They can also have the picture put on a T-shirt or coffee mug.

To start, the Photo Album will feature pictures from the Jamestown Striper Club's fishing derby. We will also include some recent photographs from the Tall Ships and pictures from last year's demolition of the old Jamestown Bridge, such as the photograph above. Of course, the pictures will be in full color, not black and white as seen on this newspaper page.

The Jamestown Press Web site will this week also feature a short video of the Jamestown Historical Society fund-raiser this past weekend at Horsehead. Enjoy!

- Jeff McDonough

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