2007-08-02 / News

New JEMS officers elected

The annual meeting of the Jamestown Emergency Medical Services was held on July 24 and new officers were elected.

The new officers are deputy director, Keith Godena; training officer, Chris Reilly; supply officer, Nancy Beye; administrator, Ralph Aresti; secretary, Anna Auld; and treasurer, Marlene Murphy.

Director Rick Hodges, who will begin the second year of his twoyear term, thanked all the outgoing officers: Sharon McNeil, Tom Rezendes, Agnes Filkins, Lee Engle and Esther Wolk Cohen for their hard work during the year which saw many changes and challenges for the newly formed JEMS.

Hodges pointed out that "the organization's financial health has probably never been better. Our fund-raiser was successful for the second year in a row. Moreover, in the first year of our 'real' town budget we underspent slightly and had money left to give back to the town."

"We have continued to upgrade our medical equipment, and we successfully licensed EMS3, a third rescue vehicle with full transport capabilities. We purchased two new stretchers and added advanced blood gas measuring devices and state of the art defibrillators for both our vehicles and the police department. We also saw that all of our members received refresher training to maintain their skills and keep current with the Rhode Island licensing requirements. We currently have over 50 active members. Through it all, our commitment to patient care has been unflagging and foremost in our efforts," he said.

Hodges said he was "proud to lead this organization and is looking forward to another year of continued improvements and of service to the residents of and visitors to Jamestown."

At the business meeting preceding the annual meeting, the membership voted to purchase an air filtration system for the JEMS ambulance bay.

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