2007-08-09 / Letters to the Editor

Reject barn location

As a former Town Councilor for the Town of Jamestown, I am urging all voters of Jamestown to reject the Taylor Point site for the highway barn. The Land Trust is in the midst of a campaign to save the three farms on the middle of the island from development; and all of the pictures that have been shown in the Jamestown Press over the last couple of weeks include the area of the proposed highway barn. The barn will ruin the beauty of Taylor Point and the feeling in Potter's Cove. This area is still undeveloped and a place for people to jog, fish, quahog, tube, bicycle, sit in the sun, anchor, walk and bird watch. This will be spoiled by inclusion of a highway barn and all of the external items that are included: gravel pile, snowplows, sand pile, asphalt pile, sanders, storage, pipes, and brick pallets. The space for the highway barn is undersized, and all of the extra items and vehicles will spill over into the sewer plant. Because a majority of the trees that have grown up around the plant for more than 30 years will be torn down for the barn, now we will see everything - from the bridge, from East Shore Road, and from Potter's Cove.

So please keep the gateway to Conanicut Island as natural as possible. Vote to reject on Aug. 28 and then decide on the next site in the November election.

Claire Ferguson

Bayview Drive

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