2007-08-09 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for help with library sale

Another fabulous book sale at the Jamestown library! In addition to generating funds for the library "extras," the book sale helps our community to make room for even more books to fill their shelves. Like the Academy Awards, first we'd like to thank Dee Hellewell and Diana Luth who slave away all year long organizing the thousands of books, videos, audios and a few DVD's generously donated by all of you. Special thanks to McQuade's Market for their donation of plastic grocery bags.

Thanks to Sue Fay, Bob Horan and St. Matthew's Episcopal Church who provide the extra tables and to Sue Fay for her truck and Chris, Michael and Diane Wright who helped move the tables and set them up. Five hardy Boy Scouts, Zach and Brian Volpe, James Perry, Eric Archibald and Alexander Karentz hauled the books from the basement, along with Joe Mendelsohn and Oliver Allaux.

Set-up, organizing, cashier duty, and clean-up was generously donated by the following people: Anna Templeton-Cottill, Isabel Coyle, Ginny Saunders, Susan Lutes, Ann Zartler, Sara Bobola, Marcie Lindsay, Dee Hellewell, Ann Marie Deffley, Diana Luth, Jane Bentley, Deb Foppert, Jackie Woodside, Sue Fay, Bev Rudman, Alma and Eva Davenport, Trish Van Cleef, Judy Smith, Julia Montminy, Eleanor Hanson, Ashley Britton, Leslie Handy, Jodi Woodside, Rosemary Woodside, Ann Livingston, Paula Florentino, Laura Clark, Audrey and Kevin Flanagan, Susan Aresti and Jace Scalora. At the end of the sale, when we were up against a deadline to clean out the meeting hall, staff member Deborah Homer and volunteers Joe Mendelsohn, Sue Fay, Eleanor Hanson, Bev Rudman and Jace Scalora were lifesavers.

Forgive me if I have left anyone out. Because we are so fortunate to have so many volunteers, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all of them and their contributions.

We hope everyone who came to the sale found something of value.

Judy Bell Director, Jamestown Philomenian Library

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