2007-08-09 / Letters to the Editor

Art exhibit helpers praised

The CIAA's annual art exhibit may be the most important event we hold each year. Each member artist is invited to have their best work hung in the community center for everyone to enjoy.

This opportunity simply wouldn't happen without many helping hands. The most generous hands belong to Tania Biddle who, along with Barbara Hutchison, organized and managed a wonderful show. Priscilla Foley also worked every day. Thank you to the volunteers who helped in so many ways to get the show ready: Gail Bolger, Prim Bullock, Katy Grimes, Martha Milot, Carol Gates, Lois Shapleigh, Sylvia Quinn, Karen Imbriale, Josy Wright, Wendy Crooks, Don Gillis, Kevin Somerville, Jeremy Swain, Hal Krider, Ben Buglio, Prudy Sellers, Isabel Coyle, Barbara Ritter, Judy Knight, Pat Tuff, Helna Babcock, Betty Kinder, Paula Florentino, Susie Matthews, and Mimi Sharpe. With great sadness, we thank Louise Brendlinger's family for continuing her work. For years, Louise had provided lovely refreshments for our opening nights.

Beautiful flower arrangements were provided by members of the Jamestown and Quononoquott Garden Clubs: Betty Ann Taylor, Gail Bolger, Gwenda Bellion, Judy Lexow, Susan Little, Prim Bullock (who apparently donated much of her garden,) Alena Caldarone, Jillian Barber, Rita Antine, Carol Jennings, and Martha Tournas.

Volunteers who manned the sales table from opening night and throughout the show included: Eileen Muldoon, Becky Andreozzi, Gail Bolger, Martha Tournas, Rose Karentz, Carol Gates, Isabel Coyle, Kevin Somerville, Eleanor Gravdahl, Lee Capobianco, Don Gillis, Ed Roche, Silvia Quinn, Al Matukaitis, Barbara Whitford, Don Miller, Dwight Smith, Barbara Marom-Pollack, and Jane Wright.

Finally, a big thank you goes to Melissa Minto and the teens for giving up their temporary lobby space for a week, and to William Piva and the Jamestown Recreation Department staff for their generous assistance.

Karen Krider President, CIAA

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