2007-08-09 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Islander Martha Milot has written and wonderfully illustrated a children's book of particular interest to Jamestown youngsters and young visitors, but also of appeal to kids everywhere.

Entitled "Mr. Miller, the Miller Puds and Pug," the book is about the Jamestown Windmill and is the result of Martha's involvement with the windmill for a number of years and her awareness of how much appeal the historic structure has for children as well as adults.

"For years I have felt that a book for children about the mill would be a good idea. The children I have read it to seem to enjoy the story and the illustrations," she explained.

The book tells of the delightful adventures of Puds, an abandoned, homeless cat, that is rescued by a miller who brings Puds to live at the windmill. There, the feline meets up with the mill's head mouse, Pug, and together the two find ways to work with the miller, even at one point saving his life after a strong gust of wind marooned him high in the air clinging desperately to one of the sweeps. In the end they all learn to exist peacefully together in the Jamestown Windmill, "a very civilized place."

Included in the book is a short explanation about how the mill works.

Martha said she has received excellent reaction from early readers who indicated they were going to buy additional books as gifts.

Copies can be purchased for $5 at Baker's Pharmacy and The Jamestown Historical Society Museum. All proceeds go to the society.


In the wonderful, graceful tradition of ballroom dancing, a father and daughter team will glide across the stage of the Jamestown Community Theater when participating in the 18th annual Jamestown Community Chorus Talent Show a week from tonight, Aug. 16, at 7:30 p.m.

John Biddle will lead, or follow as the case may be, his daughter, Sophie, who is visiting the island from Los Angeles for a couple of weeks.

John, 82, said the routine will be funny and serious. "Sophie's a darn good dancer, she likes to show off. I'm going to take advantage of her being here."

In past years, John has regaled the audience with a clown act, a takeoff on pianist-comedian Victor Borge and a look at Jamestown in year 2020 entitled "20/20 Foresight," among other great skits.

Rehearsal for the show will be held Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 13 and 14 at the community center from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome to try out.

Tickets are $7 and $5 for seniors and children in advance from Baker's Pharmacy, The Secret Garden, and Jamestown Hardware or at the door show night.


That was Kim Feeney. Sorry Kim.


Whoever hung the American flag like a dishrag in front of the Town Hall should be ashamed of himself.


Jim Pemantell has stepped up training for his 42nd marathon run, the Steamtown Marathon in Scranton, Pa., in October.

He's raising money for the Tomorrow Fund in honor of 10-yearold Payton Watson, who has been diagnosed with leukemia.

His goal is to raise $5,000 and is asking for donations. Send your check made out to the Tomorrow Fund and send it to Jim at 224 Narragansett Ave., Jamestown, 02835, before Sept. 7.

The marathoner has stepped up his training distances. Last Sunday he added 12 miles, for a total of 38 miles last week.

He said he loves running in the heat, and starts at 5 a.m. He described his route for running 12 miles -- you run north on North Main Road to the lighthouse, south on East Shore Road and west on Narragansett Avenue.

"Next week I'm going for 40 miles and then concentrate on the long runs, 14, 16, 18 and 20 miles and see what happens from there."

The Tomorrow Fund makes it easier for families to make it through a child's cancer treatment. It is funded entirely through donations.

Incidentally, Jim reports that the light has been fixed at Narragansett and Marine Avenue.


Wendy Rafferty is with the "Just Wings" team that is walking 26.6 miles on Sept. 17 for the Dana-Farber/ Jimmy Fund.

The team is raising money to find a cure for cancer and Wendy is asking for your help. If you'd like to donate to this great cause make a check out to the Jimmy Fund and mail it to Wendy at 13 Plymouth Rd., Jamestown 02835.

The "Just Wings" team will be having a yard sale in the Wickford Appliance store parking lot on Aug. 19.


Vote for common sense and save $100,000. Reject Taylor Point!


Janet Davis Callahan writes: "Many, many years ago on several occasions, I informed the ProJo that Jamestown was in Newport County - obviously to no avail! Now I'm 87 years old and still waiting for a change from the South County edition!"

Thanks Janet, we just wish the paper wouldn't refer to it as South County in news coverage.


Former Jamestown Children's Librarian Kris Williams and Lisa Davis, who recently traveled to Ghana ,will talk at the library tonight at 7 about their 15-day adventure. Now working for Ocean State Libraries, Davis will talk and show photographs taken at the library of the Cape Coast School for the Deaf, known as Cape Deaf. Williams is now a resident of Rochester, N.Y.

Refreshments, including a taste of Ghanaian-produced chocolate, will be provided.


We're still seeking information on islanders whose descendants were part of the original settlers here 350 years ago.

Call 829-2760 or e-mail us at jtnwalrus@ hotmail. com


What were they advertising on radio and early television that had a lighthouse and a foghorn that sounded BO?


Are plants that we nurture inside or out possibly dangerous for our pets? Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic helps us out in his Pet Tip of the Week. "This week's tip is just a quick reminder to check your house and yard for things that can be dangerous or poisonous to your pets. Indoors we worry about cats and dogs eating plants like lilies or hydrangeas.

Outdoors we worry about trees like yews or rhododendrons.

"For a list of toxic plants check out www.aspca.org and their poison control center. Make sure to keep your pets off any recently fertilized or insecticide-treated grasses and wash their feet off if they do come into contact with these so they don't lick the poison off their pads. Also, be careful with any slug bait, rat or mouse poison, or any left over antifreeze because all of these can be extremely toxic for our pets."



Skip Kingsley of Wickford responded correctly to our poser of "Blues in the Night" and chided us to come up with a "real difficult one."

We'll try Skip.

He also knew Gertrude and Heathcliff.


Sundays are dog days at the Cathryn Jamieson Salon. Clients booked in on those days are invited to bring along their canines for a social meet.


We note that politicians of all stripes know only how to throw money at things. Anyone who thinks our increasingly dangerous tick presence will be solved with more "research and education" just doesn't have it all together.

The only solution is to eliminate the ticks' host.

*** Is anyone on the island a turtle?

*** A tisket, a tasket..........


Joe Vecchione comments on some downtown fashion and suspected stealth goings on.

"Please help us out, here...

"Who is that dapper citizen, smartly decked out in summer-light shorts, sport shoes, and polo shirt, casually sauntering the village waterfront, and adjacent streets, but with an apparently more than casual interest in the parked automobiles he passes along the way?

"The outfit is perfectly set off by the understated bag slung at his side, and the walking stick he swings so gallantly as he passes certain vehicles that seem to catch his eye. No -- Wait! Is that a bit of chalk (also coordinated summer-white) affixed to the end of the device . . . and do we not observe him occasionally strike a small - one might say, all but invisible - mark against some tire or other?

"Yes, that's it (!)...Our stylish boulevardier is marking vehicles, clearly for the purpose of identifying them later...and perhaps indicating those that have overstayed, as it were, their parking 'welcome.' And, now that we attend more closely, isn't that the muted sound of police radio calls emanating from the handbag? Of course, and -- the ultimate tip-off -- see how now and again he favors one of the vehicles with a gaily-colored note tucked under the wiper blades.

"Could this be a new 'stealth' approach to parking control? Certainly the visible presence of a uniformed officer strolling about might warn potential perpetrators not to tarry beyond the posted limit...Or not - who knows?

"Then again, perhaps this is simply a creative example of outsourcing - so popular these days...Or a sort of gender-varied version of the role often played in urban settings by the famous 'Meter Maids' of yore.

"Come to think of it, maybe our friend in casual, Jamestown-appropriate mufti should remain anonymous. We're all too familiar with the unfortunate flap that followed the recent 'outing,' -- by another famous journalist -- of a formerly covert government operative.

"Yeah...best to just let it go. But thanks anyway."

It's too late now Joe, we'll have to go underground in mufti with tropical shirts, long black socks and sandals and mix in with the tourist crowds.


Tuesday is V-J Day, marking the date that ended World War II.

*** Be true!

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