2007-08-16 / Letters to the Editor

Taylor Point is a wise choice for all

I hope the voters are not tricked into believing that the highway barn should not be built at Taylor Point for reasons of "aesthetics" as claimed by a number of writers to the Jamestown Press.

This assertion was clearly put to rest by the article in last week's paper by Town Administrator Bruce Keiser, along with Bill Burgin's renderings.

The bridge's underpinnings are hardly a scenic destination, and a mere glimpse of the top of the roof through the bridge's railing will not sully the panorama as one begins the ascent onto the bridge.

Functionality should be the criteria for the placement of the highway barn. A facility central to the entire island and much closer to the majority of roads makes perfect sense. A facility at the very northern tip of the island does not, and worse, would add even more truck traffic to the already dangerously overburdened and under-sized North Main and East Shore Roads.

But above all, the best reason for the Taylor Point option is that it would not endanger the island's water supply. The fragility of the ground over the old dump and its hazardous contents has been debated, but I've heard no one guarantee that constructing an industrial facility atop the tenuous mantle around the landfill would have no adverse affect on our island's finite water supply. Without knowing for certain what might be lurking at that site, why would we take even the slightest chance and build there when there is now a much more practical option? For this reason alone the Taylor Point site is a fortunate and wise choice for all.

John Mecray Constellation Court

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