2007-08-16 / Letters to the Editor

Reject Taylor Point barn site

I am urging fellow Jamestown voters to reject the Special Referendum on the highway barn on Aug. 28. I believe this for several reasons:

1) The Jamestown Public Works Union opposes the Taylor Point site strongly enough to pay for an ad against it. The town employees who are going to use this facility for the next 40 to 50 years "feel the site is not operationally functional for our needs."

2) The town administrator in last week's Press said that he doesn't have time to work out the details of where all the storage bins (for day-to-day materials) are going to go; the "Planning Commission" will do it. This doesn't seem right. As taxpayers and voters we should see the complete picture of where the gravel pile, summer storage of plows and sanding equipment, sewer collars, pallets of bricks, sand pile, etc, etc. are going to be stored. These are significant issues, and to easily dismiss them to the Planning Commission seems as though the Town Administrator is glossing over a big problem.

3) There is no signed agreement between the bridge authority and the town. The letter from the executive director, Buddy Croft, included language that would require the town to pay for a variety of additional costs, none of which have been specified. In addition, the issue of liability for any damage remains open. I feel very uncomfortable when two governmental entities have not reached an agreement before we go to the polls.

4) The sewer plant is in the midst of a major upgrade; why aren't these upgrades included in any of the diagrams of the highway barn?

There are too many unanswered questions for taxpayers to approve a $1.5 million bond. We have waited a long time for a highway barn, but this is the wrong approach: rushing to a decision with major pieces of information incomplete or missing. Not a very good way for a town to do business. So on Tuesday Aug. 28, please vote to reject so there's no highway barn at Taylor Point.

Frederick Glomb

Bay View Drive

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