2007-08-16 / Letters to the Editor

Union supports north end site

This is an open letter to the citizens of the Town of Jamestown R.I. Local 69 is the union that represents the Jamestown Public Works Department. We were disappointed on hearing the news of the proposed Taylor Point highway barn site. We respect the opinions of our elected officials. They have a difficult job. But, we think they made the wrong decision on the highway barn location. It should be at Lot 47.

Although the council decided that the bridge site is best, we do not feel Taylor Point will serve the needs of our highway department. We need lots of outdoor storage space for snowplows, sanders, pipes, broken-up asphalt, gravel, cold patch, fallen tree limbs and stumps, street sweepings, culverts, orange barrels and cones, crushed rock, and all the other stuff we deal with every week. Taylor Point has almost no outdoor storage space. It would save us a lot of time every day if the highway barn were on Lot 47 next to our outdoor storage yard at the old landfill.

One of the big problems we have now is that we have to travel all over town to get to our equipment and supplies. Putting the barn at Taylor Point would make this a permanent problem.

We understand that the town has studied the safety of wells in the area of the transfer station for the last ten years, and that building a barn there would not impact any wells. Remember, Lot 47 was never a dump.

Jamestown Public Works Local 69 asks you to support us. Our members are Jamestown residents and taxpayers. We want what's best for the highway department and our town.

Please vote on Aug. 28, and we hope you will vote to reject the Taylor Point site.

We look forward to seeing Jamestowners vote for Lot 47 in November.

Paul M Robertson Secretary RI Local 69

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