2007-08-16 / Letters to the Editor

Enough already, approve the site

As I understand it, there is a possibility that the development of Lot 47 could contaminate people's wells.

This is their only source of water and I haven't heard any contingency plans should this happen. It wouldn't matter what this referendum was concerning- as a voter I would have to vote "no" on something that could affect people's wells.

Also, the site at Lot 47 lacks the necessary power and water for the barn. It would have to be built and installed and would therefore add even more cost to the already much more expensive plan for this site.

And, if this vote on Aug 28 is vetoed, the town maintenance people are looking at a minimum of two more years before a structure could be built for them.

The artist's rendering of the barn in the Press last week shows a minimally invasive, low-visibility structure that would be in use within a year, doesn't pollute anybody's well, costs a whole lot less and would end this issue once and for all.

Trees grow and in five to 10 years it would be totally blocked from view. Just as the sewage plant is today.

Enough already, vote "yes" on the barn on Aug. 28.

Sue M. Sherwood

Summit Avenue

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