2007-08-16 / Letters to the Editor

An outrageous financial folly

The highway barn would have to be squeezed into Taylor Point. The town would have to buy 6,000 square feet of land from the bridge authority for $97,500. That's paying $700,000 per acre. That's a lot to pay for land, especially land with lead-contamination problems.

In last week's Press, the Town Administrator suggested selling Lot 47 for $40,000 an acre. Who in their right mind would sell for $40,000 an acre, then buy at $700,000 an acre? Selling low and buying high is not a smart way to manage the taxpayer's money.

It is financial folly. Outrageous.

The council and town administrator apparently haven't figured this out. The voters should point them in the right direction on Aug. 28 by voting to reject the Taylor Point highway barn.

Give us our money's worth. Reject Taylor Point. Vote for Lot 47 in November.

Mary McGrath Webster

Mt. Hope Avenue

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