2007-08-16 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to many for a great season

As many readers saw, last week's edition of the Press featured a photo of our nine-year old tournament team which recently participated in the Cal Ripken State Tournament. With that, we "officially" conclude another great season of Jamestown baseball. I would like to relate many thanks to the committee people, managers, coaches, and sponsors who helped make this season a great success.

There are many, many people to thank and I'm going to try tocover them all. First, I'd like to thank all the managers and coaches for the time and effort they put in working with the players. They are Jim Bryer, Steve Heath, Rob Lambert, Mike Coletta, Paul Mc- Dermott, Al Devellis, Dave Howe, my coaches Andy MacIntyre and Pete Vetter, Chris Varrecchione, Robert Smith, George Zainyeh, Armand Musumeci, Albert Gamble, Clayton Carlisle, John Greco, Steve Cirella, Tony Antonucci, Art Spivak, Eric Bush, Lisa Atwood, Sheryl Atwood, Chris Atwood, Bob Bauer Jeff Nickol, Dean Wagner, Dan Regan, Kevin Barry, Jim Simmons, Pete Schott, Kyle Froberg, Jim Reilly, Bill Jennings, and Mike Delyi. Special thanks to Michelle Grenier, Kevin Barry, Dan Regan, and Chris Varrecchione for being league coordinators. Several people did double duty as well. We had additional people serving on our committee and they were a great means of support. They are Chris Crawford (treasurer), Mike Stearns (sponsor coordinator), Ron Barber (Fields and Awards), Josh North (Umpire), Barbara Szeptakowski (Green Up day and concession stand facelift and many other great contributions), and Charlie Normand. I also wish to extend a super "thank you" to Susan Varrecchione for being our concession stand coordinator. She did a great job of planning and organization and thanks to all of her concession stand volunteers.

Baseball would not exist without the support of our generous sponsors. I ask all Jamestowners to thank these folks and support them. They are: House of Pizza, Conanicut Marina, Jamestown Hardware, McQuade's Market, Baker's Pharmacy, Gillis Painting, Central Garage, Jamestown Golf, Jamestown Police, BankNewport Insurance, Ocean State Scuba, Jamestown Early Learning Center, Art's Auto Body, H. V. Holland, Jamestown Penguins, Ingtoffer, Consistent Care, Bruce Long's Del's Lemonade, Fagan's Funeral Home, Island Rubbish, Paws'n' Claws, Lakeside Partners, and Burke Realty. Additional businesses that lent a very special hand were Island Rubbish, the Jamestown Press, Larry Ruotolo, and Normand Law. Also, special thanks to Bill Piva and the Jamestown Recreation Department for tremendous support and help this season and thanks to Melissa Minto and the teen center for their help on Green Up day.

Regarding our very successful Babe Ruth team, we'd like to thank Ali's Run for their generous sponsorship and support. Appreciation is also extended to Everett Downing, Cal Ripken state commissioner and Jimmy Hicks, President of Newport Babe Ruth for their support.

It was a great season with many highlights. We had the highest enrollment of young players in many years. This resulted in the highest number of Instructional and Rookie league teams in recent history. We had a nine-year-old tournament team for the first time in many years. The 12-year-old tournament team advanced farther into the state tournament than in recent times, finishing fourth in a seven team bracket with a record of 2-2 losses. Our Babe Ruth team, Ali's Run, finished in second place in the Newport Babe Ruth league regular season standings. But most important of all, the greatest success was the tremendous number of players who had fun. I also wish to thank all the parents who supported us and helped out.

As you read this letter, I am sure you recognize that many people played a role in the success of baseball in Jamestown. It truly is a community activity and I thank everyone. Next year promises to be better, so everyone have a great and safe remainder of the summer and refer to the Press for upcoming news on the league. We start planning for next season now. Finally, I wish to thank my wife Karen for her patience, help, and support this past season. It takes a special person to be married to "the Commish".

Tony Rafanelli President, Jamestown Baseball

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