2007-08-23 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

From taking coffee orders at the East Ferry Deli counter to a stage at the NBC studios in Los Angeles must be a heady experience for anyone.

But islander Rochelle Rose, who turned 18 last Saturday, is taking it all in stride. She already went through the rigors of competing in the Miss Rhode Island Teen contest last September and walked away with the 2007 crown. She is now representing the Ocean State in the Miss Teen USA competition to be telecast on NBC tomorrow night at 8 p.m.

We spoke to Rochelle on her birthday at the Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. She said she's been busy with rehearsals, dancing and shopping. She will be judged in the areas of beauty, poise and personality.

Known here as "the East Ferry Deli Girl," Rochelle is getting lots of support from her family who went west with her. Her mom and dad, Catherine and Enrico Rose and her sister, Crystal, who also works at the East Ferry Deli, are staying with Rochelle's aunt in Los Angeles. Crystal also brought along boyfriend Anibel Rodrigues and their daughter, Xiomara, who is 9 months old.

Rochelle said she misses the gang at the deli but "it's nice out here."

She urged all Jamestowners to "be sure and watch."

We're proud of you, Rochelle!


John Andrews writes: "In response to your descendants roundup request, you might want to know that Connie Andrews is a descendant of Gov. Benedict Arnold through the following path:

Benedict A - Caleb A - Oliver A m. Elizabeth Card - Elizabeth A m. Nathaniel Taylor - Martha Taylor m. Nathaniel Munro - Nathaniel Munro Jr. m. Mary Spooner - Abby Boss Munro m. Henry White Gladding - Daniel W. Gladding m. Rosalba Child - Ellen Spooner Gladding m. John A. Young MD - Constance D. Young m. Nigel L. Andrews."

That's a lot of history, thanks John.


Kudos to Zachary Robert Volpe and Brian Kenneth Volpe, sons of David and Jean Volpe, who will be have an Eagle Court of Honor Ceremony on Saturday at the Volpe residence.


The subject of the eloquent item by Joe Vecchione in the Aug. 9 column has revealed himself to the Jamestown Press staff. Editor Donna Drago reports that the "Dapper Boulevardier" is none other than Chuck Graves, a retired principal and former teacher from Lincoln who lives on the island.

Donna said he got a "chuckle" out of the article, adding that "the title fits him perfectly!!"


The common sense vote next Tuesday during a full moon is to reject Taylor Point!


The Turtles are coming out of their shells.

Marsha Gutierrez writes, "I even found my official membership card dated 6-16-75."

Varoujan Karentz says, "I have been an official card carrying turtle (signed by the 'Imperial Turtle') since 15 May 1967. That figures to be 40 years. How about you?

Our card is signed by Imperial Turtle Jim Wynn and is dated Sept. 16, 1960.


They're not painting the skies as blue this year.............


A great example of hurricane scare hype comes from WPRO radio whose weather promotion starts out with "When a hurricane is heading for Rhode Island........."


Bob Kinder was in with lyrics for last week's poser: Somebody stole my gal, somebody stole my pal

Somebody came and took her away

She didn't even say that she was leavin .........

Bob has a great trivia question: What language is used in the old Hut Sut song?


No response to Kevin Carty's question last week. When you flunked a Jerry O'Leary "Who Am I?" quiz you got a box of Waleeco Coconut Bars. If you answered correctly you won 25 silver dollars.


Last week Mary Webster asked about the old tongue-twister Chicory Chick and after seeing it mentioned in the column, Fred Jones sang it for us over the phone. You have a nice voice Fred, but don't quit your day job.

And, Noel Brakenhoff sent along what she calls the "clever lyrics."

Chicory, chick, cha la, cha la Checkala roll me in a bananaca Bollica, wollica, can't you see? Chicory, chick's for me!


We sometimes cut our hair short to be more comfortable in the summer heat, but it might not always be a good idea for our pets says Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic.

"People often ask whether they should get their long haired dogs or cats clipped in the summer. There are pros and cons to this. It is possible clipping the hair too short will cause it to not grow back normally. This is more common in some breeds like huskies and malamutes but can happen in any breed." Many dogs will have their hair grow back normally but you never know till it's already been done. Many long-haired pets can be cooled down by regular grooming to remove the undercoat and may not need a full body clip. Just clipping the hair on the belly and legs may be enough to provide them relief too. Getting a kiddie pool for your dog so they can walk in and cool off very easily is another way to beat the heat. If you do get your dog or cat clipped short be aware that they are more susceptible to sun burn and insect bites so take adequate precautions." "To err is human, to forgive canine"

-anonymous ARF!!


With "Underdog" recently released, moviegoers can catch Jamestown actor Ed Silvia in the Walt Disney movie. He pops up twice at the conclusion of the film as a member of a group of spectators who have gathered at the State House where some very strange things are happening. Great job, Ed.


Tuesday's full moon will be the Green Corn Moon and the Grain Moon.

*** Be true!


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