2007-08-23 / Editorial

The highway barn belongs on lot 47

• V I E W P O I N T•
By William Kelly

The DPW facility, to be or not to be at Taylor Point that is the question? Obviously there was a dissenting vote by two council members not to locate the facility at Taylor Point. The fact that the new location is up the street and around the corner from the old location begs the question, isn't Taylor Point still a location that was soundly defeated in a previous referendum?

If the voters in Jamestown approve this site in the upcoming referendum on Aug. 28, I will support that decision. If it is rejected, then in the November election voters will have the opportunity to approve a bond to build the Highway Barn on lot 47, adjacent to the town's transfer station.

There is no question that this long, drawn out debate has been a disservice to the personnel that have been forced to work in conditions that would not have been permitted to continue if it had been an animal shelter. This should have been a simple issue resolved years ago. Lot 47 was bought for the purpose of building the highway barn on it. Does it make sense to buy another piece of property to accomplish what we already have in inventory for that purpose? The effort, energy, delays and expense to this community have been a travesty/injustice perpetrated by a very small minority with a NIMBY agenda. Not only because it has denied our DPW workers a healthy and operationally-sound facility to work from, but because it has been a major distraction for this council and a number of previous councils.

This should have been a simple decision made years ago. That would have allowed succeeding councils to focus on issues that have major long-term effects on the character of this community, such as procuring the development rights for the farms, affordable housing, comprehensive reviews of our zoning ordinances and improvements and protection of our water systems. It should also be noted that the ones with the most knowledge and expertise in the protection of the water systems in Jamestown are those people who live and work in the area and not bureaucrats from Washington.

If protection of the water is really the issue for the NECC, then for each square foot of concrete and or blacktop that is put at the north end it would in actuality further insure their water by controlling the leachate that filters through the area. In fact, if water protection was the real issue then they should have been the ones that were demanding that we build this facility in their area as quickly as possible. My!!! Mr. Kelly how can you make such a statement? Because I have worked with landfill and landfill operators all up and down the East Coast and have been very active in Brownfield's programs and have worked very closely with the EPA on a number of projects. (Resume & references available upon request.)

In addition, however an individual feels about locating the DPW facility at Taylor Point pro or con they should take the time to vote. This is the opportunity to have your voice heard and your opinion counted.

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