2007-08-23 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to caring school staff

I want to thank Wendy Williams, Miss Jenny and Mrs. Caswell on behalf of my daughter for the wonderful summer Peer Model Program provided at the school this year. I want to thank the special education staff for supporting this endeavor. Caroline came home from her first day saying, "That's the best time I ever had in school." Her enthusiasm grew from there! She ended up attending four weeks total and she enjoyed all of it. She learned a lot about the special academic topics, and more importantly, she learned about respect and patience and why they are part of a good friendship. I just can't tell you how much this program impressed me.

Caroline liked the variety and the new activities, like planning and cooking the meals. She loved particular units as well. She did like seeing all the various performers too. She talked about meeting the children who were new to her and why she liked them. Individually, she got to know boys and girls she would not have met otherwise because they are in different grades. The understanding and support that go with those personal relationships are so important. They foster a nurturing atmosphere at the school.

Again, thanks to all for providing such a great summer camp experience. We are looking forward to next year!

Julia Montminy

Green Lane

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