2007-08-30 / Editorial

Where did our summer go?

Seems like it was only yesterday that we were enjoying summer at its finest. The weather was great and there was plenty of local excitement with the 350th celebration and the Tall Ships spectacle.

For most of us the lazy days of summer come to a screeching halt this weekend with the Labor Day observance. Our family vacations are complete and school is back in session for the kids.

The frenzy of fall returns to our hectic schedules. The baseball boys of summer are scrambling for playoff berths. The football teams are warming up the gridiron.

Of course, summer does not officially end on Labor Day. It just feels like it does. The first day of summer is not until Sept. 23, about three weeks away. Time appears to slip by at an ever quickening pace with the passing of years. As a youth, I believed summer stretched from June through August. Memorial Day and Labor Day served as distinct bookends to the summer season.

But these days youngsters attend school almost until the Fourth of July. My children view their summer as the months of July and August.

The month of June was somehow lost. With only two months of summer, the season streaks past.

This weekend the weather prognosticators promise a beautiful finish to the summer season. There will be sailboat races around the island and an antique auto show at Fort Getty. Friends and family will gather.

We'll observe the holiday with backyard cookouts.

And by Tuesday of next week, summer will be another fond memory.

We may be bidding goodbye to summer, but let's not forget that autumn is a great time to enjoy life in Jamestown. The air is crisp, the nights are cooler and the humidity is comfortable. The crush of the summer visitors has disappeared. Some of our best sailing can be found in the fall on the warm by waters surrounding the island. Autumn colors are just ahead.

Labor Day is here. Enjoy the last weekend of summer.

- Jeff McDonough

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