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Candidates announce for local offices

By Tom Shevlin

Voters will be able to choose from five Democrats, three Republicans, and two independents in the race for town council when they go to the polls on Nov. 7.

The deadline to file a declaration of candidacy was Friday, Aug. 24.

In all, ten island residents have declared themselves candidates for the council in Jamestown's upcoming municipal election, including incumbents Julio DiGiando, William Kelly, Michael Schnack, and Barbara Szepatowski.

However one name that will be noticeably absent is that of Town Council President David Long, who after serving on the council for sixteen years, has decided not to seek re-election.

That would mean DiGiando, the current vice president who has served on the council for four years, if re-elected would be the town's senior councilor. DiGiando, of 63 Clarke St, is a school teacher and has previous experience on both the School Committee and Harbor Commission on which he currently serves as council liaison.

Schnack, of 36 Clarke St. is running for re-election for the first time. Kelly, 76 Reservoir Circle, is a former Public Works administrator for the city of Yonkers, NY and currently serves on the Planning Commission. As the lone Republican on the council, Szepatowski, 80 Riptide St., will also be seeking reelection in the fall.

In addition, Democratic challengers include former Jamestown Town Administrator Robert Sutton, 28 Rosemary Lane, who recently retired as the chief of Planning and Development for the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management; and Planning Commission member and recently retired Department of Veterans Affairs official Michael White, of 53 Conanicus Ave.

Republican candidates include Frederick Glomb, of 32 Bay View Drive, and David DeAngelis, 42 Weeden Lane, both of whom are seeking to hold public office for the first time.

Sav Rebecchi, of 13 Sail St., made his bid for town council as well. Rebecchi, who sits on the Board of Directors for the Quonset Development Corporation is running as an independent after a previous bid as a Republican in 2005.

Ellen Winsor, of 736 East Shore Rd., is also running as an independent. Winsor, who has been an active member of the North End Concerned Citizens Association is also seeking to hold public office for the first time.

In the School Committee race, Democratic candidates will include incumbent Julie Kallfelz, 56 Green Lane, and Jamestown Community Chorus Director and long-time school teacher Bruce J. Whitehouse, of 61 Steamboat St. Melissa Burrows, of 13 Shady Lane, is the lone declared Republican for a school panel seat.

Finally, James Donnelly is running unopposed for reelection to his second term as Town Moderator.

The next step for November hopefuls is to take out nomination papers and return them with the signatures of 50 eligible voters by Sept. 4.

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