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Jack's building appeal continued until September

By Sam Bari

The Zoning Board of Review was again on the agenda to sit as the Planning Board of Appeals at the August meeting of the board on Tuesday. The board was scheduled to make a decision on the Windridge Properties appeal of the Planning Commission's decision to deny approval of revised plans for the Clinton Avenue building.

However, another last minute letter from Brittain's new attorney, Donald Packer of South Kingstown, requested a continuance to the September meeting, this time so they could resolve still other problems with the Planning Commission and get their recommendation for approval by the zoning board.

Consequently, Jack's Electric is still homeless. The building at 14 Clinton Ave., built by Jack Brittain's Windridge Properties, and finished since last November, remains empty, awaiting an elusive certificate of occupancy.

In other business, the board unanimously voted to approve an application by Donald Bresnan, who represented himself in his request to convert the second floor of his building at 10 Coronado St. for residential use. In 2003, the board approved a special use permit for mixed use of the property. However, Bresnan's attempts to rent the space as an office proved unsuccessful this year and he decided to change the use of the space back to its original status.

Board member Joe Logan felt that the application met the criteria listed in article 6, section 600 of the zoning ordinance and moved to approve the application. Vice Chairman Don Wineberg seconded the motion and the board approved the request with a 5-0 vote.

In another matter, the board voted unanimously to deny an application by Paul J. McDermott for a variance for a 4-foot setback where 30 is required so he could construct an addition to his house at 57 Carr Lane. McDermott brought his designer, Kevin Baker, to help with the presentation to the board.

Wineberg did not feel that the application met the criteria required for approval and moved to deny the request. Chairman Thomas Ginnerty seconded the motion and the board agreed to deny the application with a 5-0 unanimous vote.

Jamestown attorney Quentin Anthony represented owner Frank Anderson in the Fernwood Building Company request for a variance to construct a mixed-use residential and business building on a property located at 27 Luther Street. The request was strongly opposed by abutters and neighbors. Some could not be present at the meeting.

Chairman Ginnerty said that the opposing parties had a right to present their concerns and the board members agreed. The panel voted to grant a continuance on the matter to the Sept. 25 meeting by a unanimous vote of 5-0.

The two remaining agenda items were granted continuances to the Sept. 25 meeting of the board. The applications included a request for a special use permit by Allan and Nancy Randall, and a request for a special use permit by Beth Smith, who was represented by Jamestown attorney John Murphy and architect Chris Tucker, who assisted in the presentation.

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