2007-09-06 / Editorial

Take time to drive safe this school year


Another school year has begun, and our island streets are once again filled with cheerful youngsters on their way to and from school.

This is no time for drivers to be careless. Just one lapse in concentration - whether talking on the cell phone or reaching for a cup of coffee - is all it takes for a driver to miss seeing a child dart into the street or a bus driver raise the stop sign.

Don't let an accident happen to you. Remember to drive with caution in areas with school children and follow these important tips: • Watch out for children walking and biking to and from school. • Always give pedestrians the right of way. • Observe the posted speed limit, especially in school zones. • Learn and obey the traffic rules of school zones. • Understand and heed all school bus lights and signs. • Eliminate all distractions when driving in school zones - especially cell phones. • Know and follow the drop-off and pick-up procedures at school. Drivers, beware! Caution is the best rule of the road.

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