2007-09-06 / Letters to the Editor

Bridge property deal smells bad

Now that the people have settled on the Taylor Point site for the new town barn, it's time to look at the proposed deal with the bridge authority. It doesn't smell good.

There are hundreds of bridges in Rhode Island, most of them maintained by the state. Only the Pell Bridge has a toll and only because there is an authority. Even with a discount, there is no question that the residents of Jamestown pay, per capita, a disproportionate share of the costs of the bridge. We are getting hosed.

There is also no question in my mind that, if the Pell Bridge were in state hands, our legislators would have gotten us the parcel we need for nothing. It is of little value for any kind of private use. But we are the Town of Jamestown and not some private developer and more than $100,000 is another hosing.

How about a 99-year lease for a buck?

Bob Dolan Coronado Street

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