2007-09-06 / Letters to the Editor

Zoning rulings inconsistent

As reported in the Press of Feb. 2, 2006, Cingular Wireless was denied an application to construct a communication antenna at 179 Tashtassuc Rd. where the generator used to sit. The reason for the request was to reduce significant gaps in coverage.

Even though over 50 percent of all emergency calls are now via cell phones, the request was denied by the zoning board because it would disturb the scenic character of the island. Drawings presented by Cingular depicted an almost indiscernible speck above the vine covered tree line.

Now comes the Department of Homeland Security and, with nary a word from the zoning board, installs a large surveillance camera on top of the Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center on Beavertail, at the site where a cell phone antenna in 2000 was installed despite vigorous objections by various groups. Of course, neither homeland security nor RIDEM advised the Beavertail State Park Advisory Committee, of which I am a member.

We can now feel secure, knowing that the Harbor Entrance Control Post is again looking for enemies approaching our island.

Frank Meyer Southwest Ave

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